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Artful Dodger

Ah, Summer in the Arctic. Neven, you're a Romantic! (BTW, this was already my wallpaper) Cheers, mate!

Kevin McKinney

I quite agree. . . with both of you.

Looks like quite a fog bank in the distance--wonder if that means a big lead over there?

Lord Soth

I can't tell if that is ice or water on the pond; or if we are looking at the bottom of a drained melt pond. I can tell you that quite a bit of snow cover melted; once the sun finally came out.

Artful Dodger

Yes, that's fog in the distance... open water + light energy, or maybe just warm water to provide the heat. Either way, there must be open water. I've heard the smoke from Siberian tundra fires has reached Nunavut and N. Manitoba (but this isn't smoke).


Another view: http://mgds.ldeo.columbia.edu/healy/reports/aloftcon/2010/20100806-1301.jpeg

Kevin McKinney

Beautiful view from the Healey, silli. Thanks!


Thanks for that image, siili. I have promoted it to a place in the post.


Thanks for the honor Neven, i am very happy to be able to participate in this great blog, which has been exactly what i have been pining for in previous years, having to be satisfied with the various flavours from the other side. Now i only have to go there for a laugh, although with a bitter aftertaste. Keep up the good work, and if you need more permanent help to keep this entity alive my spirit is willing.


I'll keep that in mind, siili. Thanks!


Not so beutiful perhaps, but now Healy is passing the outskirts of the big chunk of ice that stranded on the coast of Alaska, http://rapidfire.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/subsets/?subset=Arctic_r05c02.2010216.terra.1km with what appears to be good speed. http://mgds.ldeo.columbia.edu/healy/reports/aloftcon/2010/20100807-1101.jpeg

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