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TED talk by Rob Dunbar cover a bit on Antarctic ice melt and ocean acidification, originaly posted on 'the way things break.'


That be this then.....

Artful Dodger

Big upward revision in IJIS SIE: +13,125 km^2 to 5,008,750

Kevin McKinney

Ah, so! That "flips the sign" alright. 4 days increase in a row, now. Well--three days really, as the 10th was a decrease, of course.


Lee Holtz Inside the Time Machine

Guillaume Tell

What's with the diving Norsex area and extent? Pen failure or a gust of wind?

And, what's the upward bit on both plots?

Guillaume Tell

My question was answered at WUWT. Its a satellite data outage (SSM/I), per NSIDC.

And I figured out the other bit, that.indicate 'unfiltered'.


Whats "wrong" with the Arctic Roos data?



Sorry one more link today, from Tamino.

Guillaume Tell

Oslo..........WUWT has the Arctic map (from NSIDC) showing the corresponding outage area to the graph's 9/13 too-sudden-drop.

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