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ThE SnYpEr AzZ

What strikes me is that there is not that much motion of the ice. For all the discussion of gyres, pressure gradients and currents, most of the ice melted in place this year.


To me, it seems like a kayak with an outboard moter might make it around Greenland.


Chris Reynolds

Another (typically) excellent piece of work from ArcticIO.

ThE SnYpEr AzZ,
I get that impression too. It's a real shame they don't do QuickScat (QS) images any more, a timeseries of those really used to show the ice-pack move. I suspect that the Beaufort Gyre, Transpolar-Drift and Fram Strait flux have been less active. Those three account for most of the movement I remember seeing on QS.

I'll stop before I start reminiscing about ice-watching before 2007...

Ahh, those were the days. ;)

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