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Artful Dodger

Good analysis, Al. Thanks for contributing this!

George Phillies

Piomasss has put up its end-of-October graph at http://psc.apl.washington.edu/wordpress/research/projects/arctic-sea-ice-volume-anomaly/

The anomaly is currently -8000 cubic kilometers, and is still more than two sigma below the linear decline trend line.

William Crump

Per Cryosphere Today, the Central Arctic Basin area is at 4 million km2 which is at the 1979 to 2008 mean, although it is likely to be thinner than in the past. It is also near the maximum that it can be of 4.25 million km2 due to geographic limits.


The NSIDC MASIE chart shows 2011 as above 2007 through 2009 with 2010 just 10,000 km2 higher. Not sure, maybe this is the geographic limit on their chart. Does anyone know?



The maximum value seen in last 11 months is 3248012.93. If you want that for all MASIE regions the figures are:

15110021.96 1070444.98 966006.16 1087137.23 897844.8 935023.26 852679.62 857323.62 1432835.45 853214.25 1260903.34 3248012.93 796511.18 311699.53 1066109.06 66146.42 11728.67

11 Month masie data available at




NSIDC is now showing that current ice extent has crossed below the 2007 line.

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