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Robert S

Great work, Neven!


This is well worth waiting for. Thanks, Neven.

John Christensen

Great update as always, thank you Neven!

Regarding DMI 80N temp: From the ecmwf forecast it seems like the anti-cyclone on the Siberian side will deepen and move towards the geographic Pole.
This seems to push winds in a southerly direction in the Fram, and I would therefore think the 80N temp will drop to the longterm average in about 4-6 days.
Is that normal: Not really, since an ideal cold weather state like that in the past would have been colder than the average..


There is of course the real explanation of what is going on, always difficult to grasp by many, unless you live it, live from the Arctic, and it seems a "coup d'etat" by where ever the evolving snow falls most. Stating where the pressure cells are is so 1980's, a primitive pre satellite days attempt to explain things ....


I suspect the complexity of sea ice needs be explained by the weather above, and the sea water below. But it is always not what it appears to be.


John, have you seen how far it's gone up since then? Wayne is alluding to how sea ice can only be explained by the sea below and the air above.... I bet ya he means MYI!!

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