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Kevin McKinney

Interesting indeed, Neven. I've always been intrigued by Wayne's RC posts as well, but didn't know he was blogging on his own.

I didn't check out the link to the "controversy" you mention, but if it's the latest from Mr. Goddard about "extent vs. concentration," I read that and was singularly unimpressed. The one thing that everyone agrees on, it seems, is the obvious truism that time will tell.

On another topic, I note that IJIS didn't update yesterday; any idea "what's up with that?"

On another topic, I note that IJIS didn't update yesterday; any idea "what's up with that?"

No idea whatsoever, but it happened last year and the year before that as well. It might be due to the smoothing 'erroneous blip' between May 20 to June 11or perhaps they haven't received any (reliable) data. There are some gaps here and there. Let's see what happens. I was planning on writing a new SIE update tomorrow, or perhaps later today.

Kevin McKinney

Thanks! And the new SIE update made me smile--I've long thought that it would be good to have a piece--or more than one--about failed "realist" predictions. I've thought of "It's been cooling since WHEN?" but who knows if I'll get that written. It would take a fair bit of digging--or maybe not. . .

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