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The page views is extraordinary for such a seedling of a blog. Simple is good. As a professor and glaciologist I find most of my time is spent teaching, reviewing or writing papers for pub. The problem is that I have not the time to find all of the interesting material on sea ice for example, that you find, and it will be awhile until a paper comes out on the current obs. that I would get to review. So all of this is wonderful information for me, I will provide analysis when I can though as the summer field season commences that will be less often till fall. Meanwhile I will keep noting changes in glaciers one at a time.

Artful Dodger

Hi Nevin. I sincerely hope you do NOT shut down this blog at the end of the melt season. Scientific analysis takes time, and many important insights regarding the annual low will still be forthcoming by Christmas. I will make this prediction: 2010 will have the latest date for minimum sea ice extent in the satellite record. I base this on the current mobility / granularity of the ice pack, while recognizing that sea ice advection occurs well into the Fall. With freeze up coming later each year, ice export can continue through Fram and Nares straights beyond the end of the melt cycle. Therefore I predict that minimun sea ice extent will occur from 10 to 20 days later this year, that is between Sep 24 and Oct 4. So you see, you can't close this blog (at least until Dec 2013). Thanks again for providing this venue for the interested citizen, with it's storehouse of community knowledge. All the best!


I've been checking in daily and would miss this place if it goes dark when the Arctic night falls. Why not shift gears and turn your attention to Antarctic sea ice & shelves?

Kevin McKinney

You do seem to be meeting a need, Neven! Let me add my voice to those who would/will miss this page when the season ends.

If it gets to be too burdensome, you can always cut back the frequency of updates a bit, after all.


Thanks for the positive comments! There's at least 10 weeks to go till the end of the season, so I'll just see how it goes. If after the end of the season there are still interesting things to report, they will be reported, of course.

But if the melting all of a sudden stops, like it did in 2008 and 2009, I'm shutting down the blog straight away. ;-)

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