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University of Cologne Arctic weather maps.


NOAA SST anomaly charts.


Canadian Cryospheric Information Network


Canadian Ice Service.

Lou Grinzo

My "Quick Graphs" page has links to many of these: Quick Graphs v3.01


Gareth, those links you provided are great! I have just finished updating the post.


Worth checking out the Seasonal Ice Forecast from the North American Ice Service (available from the Canadian Ice Service here. Gives a good overview of the current state of the ice, and the dates when areas are expected to clear for navigation -- most of them early...

Patrick Lockerby

Map with Arctic weather stations providing - mostly - daily weather reports.


Kevin McKinney

Great resource--I'll have to be careful; you could while away a whole lot of time with these. . .


Patrick, thanks yet again. I've added that one

Gareth, the Seasonal Ice Forecast is very interesting (worth a whole article in fact), but I'm confining this list to things you can watch on a daily basis.

Is there a good graph somewhere of daily updated temperatures in the Arctic? I know there aren't that many weather stations, so perhaps there's nothing there. I must admit I haven't been looking very hard either.


There's the DMI graph with Daily Mean Temperatures North of 80 degree North, of course.


I found another great page here: http://www.arctic.noaa.gov/data.html

Added another sea surface temperature graph from Environment Canada.


I've added a really nice interactive map from the University of Wisconsin-Madison under Temperatures.


I found two more graphs via the comment section of an article on WUWT. My thanks goes to Przemysław Pawełczyk and jakers.


Hi, nice to find your site. The Russians have very nice maps here : http://www.aari.ru/odata/_d0015.php?lang=1&mod=0&yy=2010 (since 2006) - old maps and data from 1997 to 2008 are here, http://www.aari.nw.ru/clgmi/sea_charts/sea_charts_en.html

Of course, Tenney has a huuuuuuge compilation of links, articles and images here: http://climatechangepsychology.blogspot.com/ (237 posts about "Arctic melt season" only)

Being lazy, I mashed most nsidc / jaxa... graphics on some personal page here : http://sites.google.com/site/refsdefred/ - only 1 site to visit to get my daily depressing image

I'll come back later with more links


That reference page of yours is great, Fred! If you allow it, I'd like to put it on top of the article.

A good idea too, to make a page with the most important graphs. I'll try and do the same once this list is complete (25+ graphs so far).


Of course you can link it... I've just added some links (by the images) to jump to the belonging sites (hurricanes.gov for instance). btw click on Jaxa Extent image, it links to a hi-def image.

You're right, not enough sites provide this centralized arctic stuff - I thought about it, but... still watching my personal links, as google provides no nice way to share them yet.

Keep the blog concentrated, and go on with this nice effort !


Oi ! Plagerism!
Okay, just kidding. This has been up for a few years.
I updated it about a week ago. Nothing there that you aren't already using though.


Thanks, that's another good overview of long term graphs.

I've added a really good Arctic SST map: http://polar.ncep.noaa.gov/sst/ophi/color_sst_NPS_ophi0.png

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