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Patrick Lockerby

Neven: good article. I had so much to say ( don't I always? ) that I've responded in my own blog:

Scientific forecasting is so much more accurate since we abandoned the chicken entrails. :-)


One possible correction - I think Lindsay and Zhang are both giving September average predictions, not Sept minimum. The sea ice community seems to consider the average for the entire month to be more important than the momentary minimum.

Kevin McKinney

A valuable 'window' into an important (and for me at least, rather morbidly fascinating) topic.

Thanks, Neven!


Thanks for dropping by, Doc Kevin!

GFW, I've asked Lindsay and Zhang and you were right. I've written a short update with corrections.

Lou Grinzo

Nice site. I just found it via a mention on Gareth's site. I gave you a plug on The Cost of Energy (http://www.grinzo.com/energy/).


Thanks a lot, Lou! And I'll put up a link to the Quick Graphs page.

Kevin McKinney

"Doc Kevin"-- ;-)

Thomas Shaw

Interesting stuff. I'll checkout the updates.

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