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Lord Soth

I see the same thing happens occasionally with Cryosphere Today. I suspect that the computer updates the results automatically, and if the update program crashes on the weekend, it does not get fixed until Monday.

This can also happen during solar events, but nothing major is happening.



That sounds very plausible, LS. I remember when the same thing happened last year over at CA Phil. informed us that there were no updates because of maintenance being conducted on the Aqua satellite, but I can't seem to find any mention of that now.

Nothing happened today around the revision time (16:00 hrs CET), so hopefully whatever it is gets fixed tomorrow.


This has happened to both the NSIDC site (a couple of times) and the IJIS site in the last few months - and it always seems to happen on the weekend, so it's quite likely that it's as simple a reason as LS suggests.


In (weak) defense of Goddard, he isn't the first person to push volume: Joe Romm has been doing that for a while. And to a certain extent, much like in theory Pielke Sr. is right that ocean heat content is a better measure of global warming than surface temperature, in theory ice volume likely is a better measure of Arctic ice health than ice extent.

The problem is that in practice ice volume, much like ocean heat content, is hard to measure - much harder than the more standard ice extent. Goddard's specific problem is that he is using his own wacky pixel counting methodology to claim that ice volume isn't dropping precipitously, in contrast to the more standard scientifically approved sources. that, in addition to his hypocrisy (I don't want to spend the time and brain cells on it, but I'd love to see a collection of Goddard quotes from when ice extent was surprisingly high for much of April, compared to similar quotes from the last couple weeks when he had his Road to Damascus moment and converted to a volume-only prophet)


Oh. You already made such a collection - thanks!


Welcome, M!

In (weak) defense of Goddard, he isn't the first person to push volume:

Sure. But what bothers me a bit is that over at WUWT fun was being made of 'alarmists' (I'm one, not everybody who believes in AGW is) discussing sea ice volume, and now that the tables are finally reversing, the pseudo-skeptic talk has been about nothing but thickness and volume. There's only one word for that: hypocritical.


IJARC JAXA still with delay? Bremen has a nice alternative: http://www.iup.uni-bremen.de:8084/amsr/ice_ext_n.png

David Gould

JAXA has just updated.


Thanks, David Gould! I'll be writing a new update today to compare the numbers.

D Kelly O'Day

I am also tracking Arctic Sea Ice, here's my version of recent trends.


2010 is melting much faster than 2006, year with lowest June and 2007, year with lowest Sept.

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