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Kevin McKinney

I like to check current conditions in the Canadian Arctic. (Hey, I'm a "Soo boy" after all.)

Judging by the forecasts for the various stations in Nunavut especially, 2010 ought to be able to do some serious melting, especially early next week, as sunny skies and unseasonably warm temps seem set to prevail across the region. Of course, some stations are pretty warm right now, and I'd say it has been a warm spring generally (as no-one here will be surprised to hear.) It helps make sense of the advanced state of the melt so far, particularly in the interior passages of the archipelago, which generally take a long time to clear.

Again, this year looks to be quite different.

Link to Canadian weather forecasts:


Lord Soth

We now have melt ponds at the North Pole (well close to the North Pole with Drift)


I just did a quick browse, but I believe we beat the record in 2008 by a few days.


Thanks, Lord Soth. I think I'll add that picture to a new blog post.

IJIS hasn't reported the latest melt as of yet.

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