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Kevin McKinney

We'll be watching, Neven! Thanks once again for pulling together some good info.


The sheer scale of the negative phase earlier this year is very notable. Perhaps even the most remarkable of the past 100 years.

Bob Brand

Great idea, Neven, to build a blog around this fascinating topic! I'll be following this with a lot of interest.

Mauri Pelto

Just returned from the 67th Annual Eastern Snow Conference. There was considerable emphasis not just on the exceptional negative AO, but its confluence with El Nino in some cases, such as moisture delivery and storm formation for the Appalachian Mountains.


Thanks for the comment, Mauri. Do you happen to know if there's a discussion in the scientific community with regards to the AO in the (near) future? Will it revert back to being predominantly negative? I've read something about 60 year cycles, having to with the AMO as well.

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