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Nick Barnes

Meh; this is normal for midsummer. By the middle of August the view will be mostly water.

Peter Ellis

Pretty sure both webcams are showing melt ponds now (12:40 pm UK time, June 25th)

Kevin McKinney

We have a "century break" today, gentlefolk--if it holds up under revision.

Either way, another massive day's melt.

Kevin McKinney

I'd add that it's looking very warm indeed in Nunavut and particularly the Northwest Territories, where for a couple of the stations the forecast minimum exceeds the normal maximum--for most of next week. And freakishly, it just hit 18 C at Eureka. (That one's kind of hard to believe, actually--the average max is 7.4, and the previous record for June 25 was 17.2 (1981.))


if it holds up under revision

Kevin, I have the impression that there was no revision yesterday. Did you also notice this?

BTW, both webcams are showing extensive puddling, especially webcam 2.

Kevin McKinney

"Did you notice [no revision?]"

Must blush to admit I didn't notice whether there was or wasn't! I don't think there's been anything so far on the number for the 25th; certainly nothing significant.

(I've lapsed from doing my own Excel sheet, as I used to do--with more readable graphs from IJIS themselves, plus all the other online sources, plus the discussion here, I don't feel it's as helpful as it used to be. But if I were still doing it, I'd have had an answer to your question!)

Kevin McKinney

The webcam picture is interesting, partly because it shows the "ground" view of the heavy overcast covering so much of the region at the moment.

One of the things I've been noticing with the station readings in the Canadian Arctic is that the minimum readings seem often to be relatively more elevated than the maxima. Not always, but enough that [sans analysis] I can't help but wonder if I'm actually "seeing" the well-known greenhouse pattern, whereby warming is more pronounced in the cooling phase of the diurnal cycle.


Only a 3K revision (looks like they are getting smaller), so the third century break for this month is a fact.


Does anyone know what that yellow thing is that webcam 2 shows and that seems to have started sagging?

edit: Must be the buoy. Silly me.

Kevin McKinney

. . . and another century break, tentatively. . . with warmer weather and sunny skies still forecast over most of the Archipelago. . .


Indeed, Kevin. With a small revision like yesterday (from 106K to 103K) another century break is definitely a possibility.

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