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Neven: what are you, a **** telepath? ;-)

I just published my latest update. It covers the webcam queries that have been raised here, so I stopped by to comment.

By a strange coincidence my article also has some info about both NW and NE passages. Between us we have covered quite a few bases. :-)

I'll go back and add a link to this article.



Patrick, I could ask you the same question, haha. I swear I went over to your blog to see if you had written anything new, just as I had finished this blog post. Am reading your Arctic Ice July Update #5 as we speak.

To others reading this comment: over on logicman's blog you can get a more historic perspective on the Passages.

Greg Wellman

Using wind, it certainly makes sense to go counter-clockwise, and starting from Norway, that means NEP first, NWP second. But it looks like the NWP will be the first open - arguably it's open now, although I'd be cautious with such a lightweight craft. I hope the NEP opens soon enough for them to make it.


I hope the NEP opens soon enough for them to make it.

Me too. I'll be sure to keep an eye on that NEP the coming two weeks. Hopefully MODIS will have some clear pictures too.

For the time being they are having (small) difficulties obtaining full permission to leave Murmansk.

Kevin McKinney

Many times the political difficulties exceed even the real-world ones. ;-)

Kevin McKinney

This is strictly a bit OT, but Neven did mention Alfred Wegener, and this is about Arctic exploration more generally.

Nils Ekholm, a friend and colleague of Svante Arrhenius, had a--piquant?!--encounter with Arctic exploration in mid-career. He also wrote a fairly comprehensive review of what climate theory looked like at the beginning of the 20th century. I've got a "life, times, and work" article both of these incidents and more up here, in case some may wish to check it out.

A bit lengthy, but not, I hope, a tough read at all.

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