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Andrew Xnn

So, the Petermann berg (or whatever it's called) has moved several miles/km in the past week.

Are the winds mostly out of the north or are they pushing it?
There can't be much of a water flow current in the fjord or at least not enough to counteract winds going the opposite direction.


Good questions, Andrew. I think the wind is blowing from the North. The poor b(u)oy that was hurled to and fro in and out of Nares Strait is now going south very fast. In fact it was stuck in the Petermann Fjord 10 days ago. Perhaps those northerly winds were the final straw for the ice tongue.

I refer to the iceberg as Lockerby Island. :-)


The Petermann Ice Island (but I like Lockerby Island better too) is fishtailing down the fjord at an average of 1 km per day. Its been swinging from side to side (Day 225->226, clockwise, Day 226->227 anticlockwise), but I couldn't tell you why at this stage. As it collides with the edges of the fjord it seems to be getting more and more heavily damaged. At that rate, if it does get stuck, it will get properly into Nares Strait at about the same time as the freeze up starts - so it will probably surve till next year.

But yes, the prevailing ice movement is very fast movement down Nares Strait - a couple of floes have been moving 30+ kms per day over the last couple of days.


D'oh....that should read "doesn't get stuck...." and "survive until next year".

Note to self - preview, then post....

BTW, that rapid southward displacement can also be seen in the NWP where a large floe that broke free of Byam Martin Channel a while back is now zipping down M'Clintock Channel at a similar speed.


Note to self - preview, then post....

I'm sorry, Frank. This version of TypePad doesn't have many features (like edit buttons). Yeah, I'm a cheap guy.


FrankD: 'fishtailing' - excellent choice of term! Describes it to a 't'.

Neven: Lockerby Island is cool, and a bit of fun, but the official name is Petermann Ice Island (2010). It will get your blog more hits as time goes by. ;-)

I've been doing some journalistic investigation about the other side of the mirror. Big story coming soon. I guarantee that whowhat won't try to claim that he published first.


> I guarantee that whowhat won't try to claim that he published first.

Sorry for being waaaay OT, but I can't help thinking of Lehrer on how a fictional Russian mathematician got the credit for solving a problem on analytic and algebraic topology of locally Euclidian meterization of infinitely differential Reimannian manifolds (!):

I have a friend in Minsk who has a friend in Pinsk
Whose friend in Omsk has friend in Tomsk with friend in Akhmolinsk
Whose friend in Aleksandrovsk has friend in Petropavlovsk
Whose friend somehow is solving now the problem in Dnepropetrovsk

And when his work is done, Ha ha! begins the fun
From Dnepropetrovsk to Aleksandrovsk by way of Ilyisk to Novorossisk
From Omsk to Tomsk to Pinsk to Minsk to me the news will run!
And then I write by morning, night and afternoon and very soon
My name in Dnepropetrovsk is cursed
When he finds out I publish first....

Of course, the intertubes make it so much easier now...Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v....



FrankD: I used to enjoy that Tom Lehrer song back when I was a small boy in the 1950s.

Nicholai Ivanovitch Lobatchevsky was a real person:

For the inside dope:


btw - OT doesn't begin until you follow the cherry-pick road to the dark side of the farce.

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