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Andrew Xnn

Nice video.

Somewhat off topic, but I have a question.

Elementary School Earth Science taught that the polar regions are cold and the equator is warm. Warm air rises and cool air sinks. This makes high and low pressure systems. So, there should generally be high pressure systems at the poles.
However, as seen in this video and most other from the arctic, it's obvious that they are all clouded/fogged in a stagnant low pressure type of system.

So, why isn't there more high pressure days in the Arctic?

Is Greenland the problem? That is, is Greenland the location of a a semi-permanent high pressure system and the Arctic Ocean it's accompanying low pressure?

Just curious.

Thanks again for all the great blog on the Arctic.


That's an excellent question, Andrew. Unfortunately I can't answer it. Hopefully somebody else will.


It seems a race is developing between the plucky Norwegians and the Russian boat, the Peter 1 (home page in Russian). Perhaps someone could mash up a Google Map showing both boats' progress?


Gareth, on the Norwegian blog there was mention of Peter I suffering damage from ice floes and having to stay in Tiksi for repairs. My money is on the Norwegians. ;-)


Aye, but they're at sea now, and there are dark mutterings on the Norwegian blog about them motoring rather than sailing in order to catch up... After all, first sailing vessel to circumnavigate the north pole in a single season is a title worth having, I'd have thought.

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