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Artful Dodger

Nice animations Neven, thanks! I thought people might also be interested in this archive of monthly mean SST anomalies for the Arctic (Jun 2002 - present):


Thanks Neven and AD. I have been wondering what effect the warm SST temperatures will have on the end of the melt season.

Off topic,

The green color on this image of the Northern tip of Greenland (Morris Jessup) looks like an algae bloom. Am I right? Didn't notice any blooms (if that is what it is) last year but maybe I just forgot...


Artful Dodger

Hi Andy. Well, SST's in the area have certainly risen in recent days so a bloom is possible. I wonder if the Centre for Ocean and Ice offers any other remote sensing products that might better identify algal blooms rather than just visible wavelengths. Patrick (Logicman) Lockerby may be a good source of information on this topic as well, since he has previously identified algal bloom in Northern Greenland. Let us know what you find out!

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