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Artful Dodger

Neven, there was some decent MODIS coverage of this area on Sep 17. Here's a link to the 1km-pixel image, in false colour: (red is sea ice, white is cloud)


If you zoom in further to the 250m resolution, you can see the wisps of sea ice characteristic of a melting event. Also, HUGE potential for compaction here, long after the melt ceases.


Indeed, Lodger! I doubt it will drive total extent towards an even lower extent minimum, but it might slow the onset of extent and area increases. Area is currently rising very sharp, however. In part probably because all these holes in the spread out ice in and around Olga Strait still have to be filled.

Peter Ellis

Area is not clear cut. CT is rising, but IJIS is falling...

Artful Dodger

Peter: Agreed. The Healy is currently in the 'Beaufort finger' of sea ice. Tell me, do these look like melt ponds on the surface of the sea ice?

Healy show the air temp as 33.2 F ( 0.67 C ). The cruise report here shows SSTs between -0.9 and -1.2 C over the last 6 hours.

The local sea water melting point t(s) is about -1.6 C so we are probably seeing both bottom- and surface-melt. How's that for singing ?

Steve Bloom

A slightly later photo makes the melt ponds obvious. I interpret the appearance as basically slushy, cycling back and forth between freezing and melting.

Artful Dodger

An interesting story is continues to developing in the area of the E. Siberian "Arm". The Freezing line as shown by SSTs has continued to advance Northward since Sep 18 (the day of SIE minimum):

Fall 2010 SSTs
SST Temp Gradient

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