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Christoffer Ladstein

Neven, hereby I've posted a link about this new "project" of yours on Northern Passage's blog!

Personally I can't at present understand how they'll meet, have you really been projecting speed? Northern Passage will likely be in the Baffin Sea 23-25. Sep, and if that Ice Island are able to speed down to those latitudes in so few days, I'll get deeply disturbed!


A bit OT but the Antarctic ice extent seems a bit odd:


Very early start of melt season it seems?


And you can see the same thing in the Cryosphere Today area graph:


I can't recall if they are driven by the same sensors or not.

Timothy Chase

IJIS Arctic SIE Update

2010-09-17: 4842031
2010-09-18: 4798750

We dropped 43281 in one day

2010-09-18: 4798750
2008-09-09: 4707813

Would need to drop 90937 to tie 2008. Equivalent to a little more than 2 days (2.1) at the same rate.

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