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Nothing to do with ice, but just FYI:

I see this Tweet from Gareth of The Climate Show who lives not far from Christchurch:

"M6.3 quake hits ChCh @publicaddress: The Cathedral tower is gone: http://t.co/FHd5o9g #eqnz (Hot Topic & family OK) about 5 hours ago"

Terrible damage & loss of life in Christchurch this time, they already had a 7.1 quake last September. See live news coverage here:

Clare, safely in the North Island


Thanks for that, Clare. I wasn't aware.


Hi Neven,

FYI Hot stuff has an update up about the earthquake. They and their families are okay, but everybody is deeply traumatised.

Best wishes, guys, if you read this. Love your work. Hope you get the chance to rejoin the conversation soon.

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