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Kevin McKinney

Nice summary, Neven--thanks. Thanks, too, for an opening paragraph that featured a real LOL.


I second that LOL!

If I say that this is a great article does that make us a mutual appreciation society? Oh, to hell with it! Great article!

Following a suggestion by The Yooper, I reposted my March #2 update over at Skeptical Science, with a brief introduction and some minor updates.

Currently in progress is a Chatter-Box article on how materials science can help us understand ice advection processes in Fram Strait. The title is "Fram Jam Floe Flows". :)

Kevin McKinney

"The title is "Fram Jam Floe Flows". :)"

Not writing for radio, luckily!


Glad you LOLed, gentlemen. :-)

Looking forward to your Flam Joe... Fram Flam Jows.. Jam Floes...

...to your article, Patrick!


Slightly OT. The bit of the Peterman Glacier, that broke off last year and had the beacon on it, has left the arctic circle http://www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/shipposition.phtml?call=47557 . Is this Lockerby Island? I haven't looked for it on MODIS yet.


Patrick has some images of a first small break-up at the southern end of the Nares Strait ice bridge.


Neven: I just posted some more images of the breakup in an article:

My short term forecast of March 26 is looking good:
"The Nares ice bridge will be fragmented, and the ice in Kane Basin will be melting out by April 7th." Was I being too cautious with the plus/minus 3 days? Time will tell.

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