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Great stuff there neven.


Nice job Neven, I see the poll in the right column in Firefox.



Thanks, dorlomin, thanks, Yazzur.

I see the poll in the right column in Firefox.

That's weird. I'm using FireFox as well, but not seeing it. Hmmm....

It works in IE.

Ah well, as long as everyone else sees it. :-)


What a pleasant coffee break surprise !
(full disclosure - I actually drink energy drinks these days, but "coffee break" describes the tradition better...)

The only thing I would like to suggest is maybe links somewhere to Google Earth files (KML, KMZ zipped KML files) - I like the idea of a 3D Earth browser used to look at some forms of data (and Google Earth is free to download).



p.s. I see the poll fine in my Chrome browser (and voted for between 4 and 4.5 million km^2)

Artful Dodger

Doh! Anu, now the Poll's not 'Scientific'...


Hi Neven,

I like.

Well done, again.


Hi Neven, Very nice new look, the comments are much better now that they are black and white. Good for tired eyes.


Lodger, how did you know I use an Ouija board ?


Yep, nice new functions ! About the poll: I'd guess that you voted, so you can't vote again?


Fred, my guess is that you can revote, but you can't vote multiple times. No rigging please! ;-)

BTW, I'm sitting behind my laptop now, but I can't see the poll from here either. Weird...

Kevin McKinney

"And I like it, too!"

(If you chortled, you're over 40. If not, no probative value as it wasn't that funny.)


Wow, you ended semi-hibernation with a bang. The daily graph page-so much information at our fingertips everyday-you are making us addicts of sea ice information.


Kevin, I'm 36, I didn't chortle. :-)
Were you referring to this?

Thanks, Mauri, but I'm not a pusher. I just offer the white stuff, anyone can decide for him/herself if s/he wants to become addicted. But in any case, nothing better than a dealer who's high, right?

Kevin McKinney

Indeed, Neven--you're hard to fool, for a young guy.

Paul Van Egmond

I like the new design. Muchness better readabilities. And I have a small suggestion: perhaps set up a counter for the century breaks this melting season? And maybe a melting milestone list, containing the dates that extent dropped below 10, 9, 8, 7, ahh well. You get the picture.


Looks good. I was hoping that you would do this. While I check out your ice graphs page every day, sometimes the link disappears from my browser window, making it necessary for me to google the site.

A small delay, but for an addict that delay is painful indeed! ;) And now I will no longer have to suffer. Fantastic. :)


Thanks Paul, a century break counter is a very good idea. I'll try and do that when the time comes. The melting milestones will probably feature in my SIE updates, but could also be interesting. I made a note of the idea for Anu's Google Earth files idea as well.

Glad to assist you in your pain, evilreductionist. ;-)


Indeed, Neven--you're hard to fool, for a young guy.

Any fool can use Google. :-)


Hi Neven and all,

I wanted to raise a perhaps controversial idea that occured to me; that perhaps you could have a banner ad for a worthy cause of some kind; lets say Greenpeace, which might help:

1. Fund this blog

2. Generate GP some relatively clued-up supporters

3. Give regular readers here a chance to blow off steam in a constuctive, channeled manner, perhaps. (I think I read that GP is planning an Arctic Sea Ice campaign this year.)

I suppose that, to avoid accusations of bias, you could also have a banner ad for Exxon. Maybe we could have a vote on it?

It was just a thought. Probably a bad one, of dubious taste. Thought I might as well blurt it out...


Now, now, idunno. Dubious taste?

We don't need no journalistic faux "balance" here. We're on the stranded-up-high-on-the-lightweight-end of the see-saw balance already. The heavyweights don't need any help from us.

The one thing in our favour is the focus on facts. Let's keep it that way. If GP or WWF or anyone else produces a worthwhile post or two, someone will surely reference them.


Speaking of 'too much information is never enough'.

Does anyone have a 12 or 13 month smoothed version of CT's Global Sea Ice Anomaly? My version of Eyeball Examiner Mark III indicates something worth a second or third look. (And I'm a bit clumsy, unskilled, slow-witted to do it myself.)


Idunno, thanks for the suggestion. As said there will be a tip jar soon to cover TypePad costs ($ 149,50 a year). If more money comes in, we'll vote at the end of the melting season what it should be used for. No ads for the time being, commercial ads never.

Adelady, I have learned last year how to make graphs with Open Office Calc, but I wouldn't know how to make a smoothed trend. If I have time today I'll have a look.



Not exactly what you asked for, but perhaps useful to you. This is a graph I prepared in January: http://img215.imageshack.us/i/ctarcticareato150111.png/

Data up to 15 Jan with a simple polynomial added (black line) and a running average for the previous 365 daily data points.

Hope it aids your Eyeball Examiner Mark III (Oooh, envy, I only have the Mark II...)


Thanks FrankD. Looks good enough for my non-technical puposes.

Mark III? Simple add-on. A bit of squinting.

Christoffer Ladstein

Did I sofar mention how much more joyful and relaxing these new pages are, both to the eye and mind??
And the tip jar is excellent, the surplus may be cast in a hat for a trip over the Arctic glaciers, be it Svalbard, Greenland or whatever territory closest to your fascination!!


When I look at this page now using Safari I see the following:
A 3" wide column containing the posts, a 3" wide column containing the list of recent posts, and the headings "Home........ etc" are further offset to the right. I don't think that is what everyone else is looking at?



Hi, Phil., that certainly isn't as it should be. I'm having trouble seeing the widgets in the right side bar in FireFox myself (IE is showing everything fine, don't have Chrome). I don't know how to fix it for the time being, so I apologize.

Christoffer, if enough money is donated I'm taking Patrick Lockerby on an Arctic cruise next year, so that we can blog live and direct. ;-)


Neven, since I posted my Safari crashed and I now see it in the way you describe so ignore my previous post!


Glad to hear it, Phil. I uninstalled FireFox. After re-installing both widgets showed up perfectly fine. But then I re-installed my backed-up profile and the widgets are gone again. Tiresome...


I've uninstalled FF a couple of times, finally restored my profile without 'general settings' et voilĂ , I'm seeing everything now. I don't know what was causing this, and I don't want to know.

Patrice Monroe Pustavrh

Hi Neven,
I am using Chrome and everything on your blog works fine. But, it seems typepad has minor glitch, since I cannot log in using my facebook profile. But don't worry, I am using typepad profile now.
And yes, blog has really improved, I am so impressed - and even before was more than excellent.

Christoffer Ladstein

Brilliant idea, Neven, I hereby promise to be a monthly "donater", just to "freshen" your lust for always aiming "better" for this page and the hopefully fastgrowing group of followers!

Because, who needs drugs or Stephen king, when there is an Arctic "speed-race" blog at this esteemed quality!!!
The melt season has barely started and I'm already addicted......bare with me.


Neven: "I don't know what was causing this, and I don't want to know."

Nevertheless, in the best interests of science I shall email you my 312 page memory dump in hexadecimal. As you can easily see for yourself - 'A374F23' is a straightforward error which causes the canuCme module to fill random areas of the screen memory with repeats of the code for snafu.



For a moment I thought you were serious. :-D

Kevin McKinney

"I don't know what was causing this, and I don't want to know."

Funny, that's just what this guy was telling me this afternoon about climate change. . .


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