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Greg Wellman

Wait, is that ice over ice? Just like the recent refrozen bottom-melt paper! Or maybe not :-)


Ice over ice?

Greg: that looks like 'top down' ice filled with air bubbles on top of 'bottom down' ice growth, mostly free of air bubbles.

Neven: is that tank exposed to cold breezes? The two-layer effect looks like some of the pond ice I used to see a lot of in winter many years ago. Kentish winters aren't what they used to be. :)


I can see the headline on the other side of the mirror - "Declining Ice Good News for At-Risk Flowerpots. A-pot-calypse Cancelled."



FrankD: you may have an idea there. Let's have a competition on those lines. Here's mine.

Missing Arctic ice found in blogger's garden.


A-pot-calypse... :-D

Here's mine:

"After white roofs alarmists now grow ice in backyards for albedo compensation"


Hi Neven,

quoting from my own good self on Open Thread 7...

"...my methodology of lying in the bath, getting ratted and thinking about things that I don't understand..."

Neven, please, please don't try this at home until you have upgraded your bathroom facilities;)

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