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Thanks a lot, Jack!

if this Topic - Thread violates your sensibilities, please delete without any feelings of remorse.

It does violate my sensibilities, but that's a healthy thing every once in a while. Violate away, and I look forward to your embedding tests as well.

Artful Dodger

Good work Jack. Here are some comments for Neven:

1. Clicking the "Tip Jar" leads to a German language page. Can you offer an obvious way to start in: English, French, and perhaps a few other languages?

2. The "Tip Jar" applet says " | Ends Mar 15". Is this March 15, 2012? As shown, it may discourage some Contributors who assume the campaign is now ended.

3. Perhaps indicate somehow that contributions take a few days to be displayed in the "Tip Jar". I know my contribution made yesterday still is not shown in the tally.

4. I whole-heatedly agree with the idea to roll-over funds for 2012+. I also will be making an Annual Contribution.

Christoffer Ladstein

Artie: May I widen the wiew upon this case?
The second you choose Canada as home-country or whereever, the language for the whole page change! Mine switched into norwegian, not that I have problem with deutch, aber....
Also it took only 1 minute and a couple reloads until mine small contribution showed, unless someone else did tip the same amount earlier, wich is less likely!?
What neven will do with the extra money I leave mostly to him, but as I have come to know him, I am 100% sure he will find a decent "project", that will meet also the interest of his followers!

Artful Dodger

Hi Christoffer. Yes, you're quite right. I noticed there are several ways to change Language after the page loads.

But without previous Instructions, or a language-specific link coming from Neven's site, I think some potential Donors may be deterred...

Since the Blog is primarily written in English, it might also make sense to set English as the default Language for the "Tip Jar".

(of course, Norwegian should be on the list :)


Lodger, I wouldn't know how to change that Paypal page and the Chipin settings don't allow me to change much either. On the other hand, the German might intimidate people into donating more. ;-)

I did change the date though to September 30th.

I try and thank people as soon as a new donation is made (except for two mails that got returned), so they know all is well.

I'm a bit overwhelmed actually by the generous donations so far. This melting season and the subsequent winter has already been covered! Incredible.

With my financial worries gone I now feel the weight of responsibility crushing my shoulders. ;-)


What neven will do with the extra money I leave mostly to him, but as I have come to know him, I am 100% sure he will find a decent "project", that will meet also the interest of his followers!

We'll discuss it at the end of the melting season. The good thing about that Chipin widget is that it's transparent.


Ich habe mit der tipsbucket ein wenig trinkgelt gegiften. Das Paypal auf Deutcheswortlongenlenth ist nicht zo schwer aber ich schwered en Englischwort fiel zofort!

Neven: although you seem to have covered your web site costs, what about your web access, electricity, necessaries and incidentals* costs?

I suggest that your tips jar ceiling should be about GBP 300.

* Necessaries and incidentals: A non-exhaustive list will include - computer spares and repair; office stationary; geek mug; geek t-shirt; coffee; beer; donuts; swivel chair, captain's style, real Connolly hide ...

P.S. I'm quite serious about the GBP 300.


Well, I have to sit behind my PC most of the day for work anyway (like now), so I might as well do something useful! :-)

Christoffer Ladstein

As we're heating up the blogosphere in here to get as close to 4 mill. km2, why not blow Neven's Tip Jar to the "top", say 1000 USD, and that way he'll have some decent sum to spend on a Arctic Project, mission 2012!?

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