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What's this, dear Neven, trying to hide the incline in Arctic sea ice by pointing to strawmen's faces eh?

Like the monkey though...


Indeed, cynicus, next week I will only focus on Antarctica and start moaning about the exact definition of Arctic sea ice (which of course is only the ice in the channels of the Canadian Archipelago --> no change in the last 30 years). If I moan long enough they will have to start calling it Northern Hemispheric sea ice, and then I'll moan about the name change!

Daniel Bailey

I suggested the Sea of Northern Lights instead of the Arctic Ocean.

Nice post, as per your usual high standards, Neven!

The Yooper

Artful Dodger

Neven, that's not Jesus in your Jam Jar...
that is clearly Madame Pele:

Haven't you heard that an undersea volcano is causing the Arctic sea ice to melt? Well, Warm Thoughts!


What is the face of an Arctic Tri-Pole-Oscillation? Am I seeing things? Must need more sleep.

Or, should I ask about a Quad-Pole since Baffin Bay seemed to have one of it's own:


Hi Neven,

Looking at Cryosphere Today's ice map, I think I can see a bloke with a beard, with a big sack of toys, looking right pissed off.

Save Our Santa!

Gas Glo

Look out Arctic ice, there is a large humanoid fire breathing dragon coming to get you:


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