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Can you zoom in more to distinguish the sea ice in fjord from the icebergs? Though some icebergs do get stuck for a time, most do not remain in the fjord for years in my experience there.


Great info on Sermeq Kujalleq! I’m not sure it’s the wind though, that’s clearing the fjord. Last two weeks the atmospheric flow has been steady from the northwest. It may also be upwelling, while the fjord is deep, and even meltwater being pushed out from under the glacier. That sounds contradictionary in winter. But the deep gorge under the ice (-1600 m!) must contain pressurized water. I wonder wether the glacier may have ‘sunk’ since last summer. On MODIS last days, in the striking light it stands out as a blueish depression surrounded by the icesheet.I may be wrong, but it looks 'deeper' than it used to.
Still it is interesting to see the Fjord clearing, after two months of being iced over, and 2m temps remaining deep freeze.


Mauri, I hadn't considered this. And it's true, if you check out Day 77 in the animation it looks as if the fjord already flushed out (it's a bit cloudy though), so it could be that that was sea ice mainly, after which the waters froze up again and the Fjord re-flushed.

Unfortunately I can't zoom in much more to distinguish the two. My idea that it was icebergs being flushed out was based on that big ice jam of last year. Where did they go?

Thanks for the interesting thoughts, Werther!

What do you think of all this, Mauri?


I updated the Jakobshavn post and put two Landsat images from April 2010 and April 2011 in. The icebergs are definitely more visible in the better quality 2010 image. The snowline is also higher in 2010 though this can reflect very short term weather events at this time of the year.

Andrew Xnn

Agree that it's probably the wind and or weather patterns responsible for the flushing. However, also suspect that the tides are a factor, especially with grounded bergs.

Also, don't know how relevant, but believe the moon was at one of it nearest approaches within the past month.

Andrew Xnn

Here is a link about the super moon of March 19, 2011:



Using the false-color 'Bands 3-6-7' makes it a bit easier to separate ice and clouds. It's only available from Terra, not Aqua.


Had thought there wasn't much melting out let alone flushing recently but now there seems more signs of some flushing.


There would be some haze just in the wrong place.

Chris Biscan


the final from the hamburg site is out.

so there data is ok.

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