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Artful Dodger

Neven, for completeness could you reproduce the Table referred to above?

Also, one of the unstated presumptions of these images is that they are taken at the North Pole. That is not quite accurate.

In Spring, the cameras are placed on a ice floe near the Pole, and then drift with the pack ice. By September, they can move South by hundreds of Kilometers, with a varying trajectory depending upon the circumstances of the Trans-Polar Drift and Winds.

Without incurring a LOT of extra work, it might be appropriate to link to the historical Drift maps for the Webcams. This will provide some context for the quoted text above.

Thanks once more Neven for a great post!


Sorry, Lodger. Forgot the link to the page with the table. It's up now.

And here's a link to a University of Washington APL/PSC web page showing this year's drift map.

Artful Dodger

No problem, Neven. Thanks! I also poked around for historic Drift Maps, but did not find an archive.

Does anybody know if these are available online anywhere?



OT, but I just noticed the huge hot-spot north of Hawaii (trailing all the way to Asia):



Great balls of fire!

But some of the water in and near the Arctic is pretty hot as well. Pretty in pink:

Gas Glo

Yes it is pretty having lots of red and pink but what temperatures are these compared to? What is the baseline period?

Perhaps as well to also check out real temperatures rather than anomalies


Good questions, Gas Glo. And of course you're right. But 3-5 degrees warmer than the baseline period (whatever it may be) is a lot of warm water to melt ice. And besides, that pink colour...

But anyway, we should take this to the latest SIE update comment section. My mistake.

michael sweet

For the last day web cam two has shown large leads of open water. The temperature has gone down and the pools have frozen over. Camera one is also colder and the pools have shrunken.

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