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Hi Neven,

A belated Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to note that some of the best reference materials on the internet for comparison with this year's state of play are now the archives of this blog from last year.


Thanks, idunno. :-)

I also forgot to thank all the other people who congratulated me in the Welcome blog post. Thanks, Peter Ellis, Doc Kevin, Christoffer, Lodger, Werther!

One last thing: While reading through all the post and comments of June and July last year, I noticed quite soon that PIPS never stopped forecasting ice displacement last year. So this is unusual.

If anyone has the time and inclination to thank the Naval Research Laboratory through their feedback form for their work so far and ask when their maps come back online, something might change.

k eotw

talking of cryosat-2 there's a strange reference on this page to "Unveiling of the first data released by CryoSat" this tuesday


Indeed, k eotw. On the ESA site it says:

Release of first data from CryoSat

ESA’s CryoSat is Europe’s first satellite dedicated to the study of ice. Results from measurements performed during the first year of the mission will be presented.
Time: 11:45–13:30
A webcast of the event will be available at www.esa.int

I guess we'll have to watch and see. :-)

Artful Dodger

Wow, that brings back a flood of Memories... i believe i will have TWO ice-cubes with my nihilism today.

Cheers, Everyone!

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