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Janne Tuukkanen

Hey, it's The Rebound! :-P

Jon Torrance

Slightly OT no matter where I put it - I'm thinking of buying myself one of these. Umbrellas aside, anyone got any other suggestions of arctic sea ice merchandise, wearable or otherwise?


@Jon Torrance | July 06, 2011 at 21:49

What better way to say goodbye to the Arctic summer ice than this fun lake item:

You'll forget all about global warming as you attempt to climb up one of the three climbing wall sides of this incredibly cool new Gigantic 14' Inflatable Climbing Iceberg.

Seke Rob

Checking 2 days ago where the North Pole webcam was, about 89.1 North, this "pretty" picture showed.


Anyone thinking it's looking fine and dandy with global cooling ;?

Yvan Dutil

This is today picture from camera 2. The large pond in the bakground looks like a small polynya.


I would love to know size and distance of these markers. The lead is an invitation to estimate free board, do the Archimedes and get sea ice thickness.

Kevin O'Neill

The relation between sea ice thickness and freeboard in the Arctic http://www.the-cryosphere-discuss.net/4/641/2010/tcd-4-641-2010.pdf

Gives a fairly simple formula:

Hi = 8.13Fi +0.37

Where Hi is the height of the ice and Fi equals the Freeboard. It isn't much help on estimating freeboard from a North Pole webcam photo though ....

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