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Lord Soth

Beaufort Gyre and Transpolar drift in full swing with big arrows; With the arrows pointing inwards towards the pack (except for Fran Strait), we are talking major compaction.

We could be looking at some large drops in extent.

Artful Dodger

Go Navy!


PIPS may be back, but something seems wrong with the TOPAZ data. As of July 6th, their model shows:

Extent: 7,243,906
Area: 5,774,161
Volume: 9,033.889

And by the end of their model, on July 15th,

Extent: 6,651,094
Area: 5,065,080
Volume: 7,605.269

All of these figures seem absurdly low to me.


Neven - Great job - PIPS sums things up so well.

Lord Soth -With compaction AND extraction there may be little ice left by Sept.

The High seems to be headed north of Ellesmere which may cut the inward flow, increase flow through Fram Strait and Nares Strait and possibly pull open the NWP while melting the CA.

Large pressure differential between Lincoln Sea and south of Kane Basin may pump more volume through Nares Strait (if it doesn't get jammed up in Kane)

We live in exciting times!

Peter Ellis

Wish it hadn't come back - Goddard is already using it to pump out drivel about how the ice is 6 gazillion times thicker than ever before. I predict he's gonna look really silly in a fortnight's time.

Peter Ellis

Well, it's back - but it's now officially marked as "legacy" and the new site is released.

See the announcement on the PIPS 2.0 page

... and the new site

... with a lot of shinies to look at


Thanks a lot, Peter! This merits a blog post.

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