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I'm finding it remarkably difficult to see the "arms" of older ice reflected in the concentration map. Is the relationship between ice age and resistance to melt breaking down?


Neven, PIOMAS has updated! July 31st volume is 6,494 km^3, which is only 46 km^3 above the 2007 volume minimum of 6,548 (which we have probably already passed on August 1st).


Sorry, I meant that the 2007 minimum was 6,458 km^3.


Thanks for letting me know, maltose. I'll put up a post later today.


I have upgraded my PIOMAS graphs.

Daily Arctic Ice Volume:


Monthly Ice Volumes with exponential trends:


To the latter I have included the June and July trends based as they where on data up to 2010 (dotted lines). Both months show an more rapid decline with the new 2011 datapoint.


Thanks, Wipneus. Post is up.

michael sweet

The Beaufort sea has melted very slowly for the past several weeks. Once the melt reached the edge of the old ice it slowed a lot. That ice now seems to be starting to melt out completely. We will have to wait to see if August has enough sun to melt out that tongue of old ice completely.

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