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Anyone know whats up with the DMI SST maps, They haven't been updated for nearly three weeks.

I've been archiving them all year to make an animation, too...


Chris Reynolds

AO projected to go negative.
Suggestion of high pressure reassertion.

However rate of change seems 'over the hill'.

So things may seem unclear.

However the ice has taken a pounding in the periphery of the Eastern Arctic from the low pressure systems. These will have mixed the waters warmed in early July under the ice edge. This is because of Ekman transport (movement of water through the column to the right of wind direction), low pressure has a divergent impact. The effect of this seems to be apparent in the Bremmen AMSRE - the decreasing concentration in Beaufort/Chucki. i.e. whilst the extent reduction rate had declined the ice was thinning.

From IARC/JAXA - after sub 100k day to day differences (first differential) since 14/7/11, the latest are:

Delta Extent / Date.
-22969 30/07
-34687 31/07
-18594 01/08
-2500 02/08
-22500 03/08
-94531 04/08
-105938 05/08
That this uptick has happened as the AO has gone negative is no coincidence.

I expect some exciting activity in Beaufort/Chucki during the coming 2 weeks. Although of course I could be wrong. :)

Anyone know whats up with the DMI SST maps, They haven't been updated for nearly three weeks.

Yes, it's a shame really. I'll write a mail to someone over at DMI.

Chris R, I use the ECMWF 10 day forecast maps (click N-Hem. and then the dates on the 500 hPa bar) to get an idea of what is going to happen.

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