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Tor Bejnar

"The daily minimum was reached on September 18th' through me for a loop (early morning and all that). Was this the "fictional case study" min? Predicting the future? I finally looked at the graph and noted that the daily minimum (ever recorded by NSIDC) was on September 18, 2007.

The race is clearly on, according to this daily NSIDC extent graph. If the ice drift maps are accurate (well, they aren't accurate, but they may resemble what's happening …), it looks like compression in the central Arctic, loss in Greenland Sea and some loss in East Siberia Sea.

Tor Bejnar

woops - threw me for a loop (it IS early)


A "fictional case study" is a great way to explore the future by paying for services and not for the risk. What is your way: Try and Error?

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