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Rich and Mike Island

This week's Economist has an interesting article about arctic sea ice. http://www.economist.com/node/21530079

Hans Verbeek

Any thoughts on the rapid refreezing?
Should the oilcompanies worry?


Hi, Hans.

It isn't all that rapid compared to other years. We've started speculating a bit in the comment section of the last SIE update.

Areas of interest IMO are:

1. Northwest Passage and Canadian Archipelago
2. Barentsz and Kara Seas (very warm water there)
3. Ice edge on the Atlantic side
4. Hudson Bay

The oil companies should definitely worry (about AGW and Peak Oil), but they don't. All they worry about is maximizing profit, at the expense of everything, even themselves.

In regard to the Arctic, what they could worry about more than the ice is changing atmospheric patterns (big storms for instance). But I'm not seeing any sign of worry over that, so either they're not thinking about it or it's not a threat to oil rigs.

Hans Verbeek

The Arctic will remain a hostile environment for humans and oilcompanies.

What do you make the theory of M.A. Vukcevic about the relationship of changing geomagnetic fields and the temperature in the Arctic?

Interesting, far-fetched or complete b*ll*cks?


I lack the knowledge to judge his theories, Hans, but from what I've taken away from his discussions with Leif Svalgaard on WUWT is that he isn't the most objective or trustworthy of sources.


Chris Biscan


there is no rapid refreeze taking place.

that graph shows 30 percent concentration, not the ice edge.

Wayne Kernochan

@Neven (and @Hans): with regard to oil companies and big storms, Joe Romm made an interesting point in a recent post. He found (anecdotal evidence) that as many as half of the (scientific but unqualified) climate change deniers around were geologists, particularly those employed by oil companies. It should therefore come as no surprise that they would assume no increase in storm size as the ice melts.

A recent article in Business Week on Exxon Mobil efforts to drill off Point Hope Alaska (Chukchi, just north of Bering Strait) suggests that EM is spending little effort determining what effects climate change will have on local communities and wildlife that might affect drilling, and therefore is probably not thinking much about the subject at all. - w

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