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This is a great service your doing Neven, I wish i could find something this good on antarctica.
I've been convinced for years that conditions were building to turn the 'gulf stream' around the top of greenland. This would turn the arctic from an arid frozen desert into a more temperate zone shifting the cold 'dump' point for the northern hemisphere, creating radical shifts in every N.H.climate. With the extraordinary floods and high temperatures in the states this year I assumed a massive build up of heat in the gulf of mexico which would penetrate the arctic late in the season. Local weather in the arctic has delayed the melt between N.E. Greenland and Svalbard now I see myself clutching at straws to see a late season melt throughout this area, but everything looks ripe at the moment for such an event [IMO]. Any thoughts?
I can't access http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/
never had a problem before, makes me think something big is happening.
regards johnm


Hi John,

NSIDC goes offline a lot. I wouldn't worry about that. They will probably come online today or tomorrow and have a new summary for August.

As Chris Biscan points out here there's a big low forming west of Scandinavia that is probably going to push the ice southwards towards Fram again.


Arctic.io has told me that you can press the buttons 1 to 6 to get different forecasts for difference days (1 for 1d, 2 for 2d, etc...). Pressing 0 even gets you an animation.

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