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Hi Neven,

Bon appetit!

Second, I should declare a lack-of-interest. Circumstances have prevented me from contributing. I'm skint. Sorry.

Last, and quite important, I think you should clearly state that if any contributor is even slightly unhappy with your proposals, they can have a full refund.

Bob Wallace

Rather than refunds I would suggest that if someone is unhappy with one or more of Neven's proposals they should look for the project of which they most approve.

Assume your contribution went to that cause.

The rest of us will cover the stuff you don't like.


A gift is not a gift unless it is given unconditionally. thus Neven is entitled to do anything with the money. anyone who objects to what he has done can choose not to participate in future. Just wish I were in a better financial position to contribute myself.
thanks for the blog Neven!


idunno, if anyone's unhappy with anything (not just the donators) they can always mail me.


I know I've received far more value from Neven and the other contributors to this blog than the small amount I was able to donate. Thank you all.

I believe the distribution as shown above is very fair. The Darfur Stoves Project certainly seems worthy.


Bob Wallace

Let me add, you are more than welcome to use my small donation to take your wife out to dinner Neven.

And tell her for me that I really appreciate your time and effort in running this site. I think what you are doing is very valuable for those who follow us, it may help us turn the tables on climate change.


Hi Neven,

I may be a little paranoid here, but let's imagine I am a lobbyist with $100,000 dollar budget to spread disinformation about global warming.

The best $20 I ever spent? Straight into the Tip Jar, top right. Okay, so I've now got to spend a few tens of thousand on lawyers' fees to really make your (Neven's) life really horribly impossible, making some spurious claims that I've been mislead...

Neven, I'd just write the disclaimer. But then again, reading back through this post, I see that somebody has described me as "paranoid". What's going on? Is everybody describing me as "paranoid"?

Or is it just me?


Thanks, Bob. I really appreciate it.

idunno, when it comes to paranoia my favourite line is: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you. :-)


idunno, on a serious note: I'm trying to be as transparent as can be (about this financial stuff, about my fallibility, about my views on AGW, etc). I don't have the time, energy, inclination or capacity for strategic thinking and word weighing. Or for paranoia.

If somebody wants to trick me or make my life impossible, then so be it. But I don't think we'll reach that stage. The ice will protect me. ;-)

I know get your paranoid joke BTW. It was you.


Hi Neven,

Credit Kurt Cobain.

Look, I have contributed a fair bit to your blog, without too many complaints/suggestions on editotial policy, etc..., but really...

On a not-unrelated subject, Bono of U2 fame, has just been denied permission to screen a TV advert about the Darfur famine. One must be extremely careful when claiming "charitable purposes"; I really do suggest you offer any unhappy punters a full refund.

I don't expect that any contributor will wa


...sorry... wrong button...

I don't expect that any contributor will want a refund, but it covers your arse.


Okay. I hereby introduce the idunno rule: Anyone unhappy about anything gets a full refund.

Now CEI, Heartland and the Marshall foundation are going to sue you for not being able to sue me. ;-)


Quite. Quiet now.


Hi Neven!
I agree the ‘free’ part should be dedicated on an active climate change relief program. The one you propose is sustainable, too. Donate it compassionately to the unfortunate!
Darfur is just fine, and may you and your family enjoy a great dinner soon. Thanks for the stage you initiated!


Hi Neven,
As I said at the time I knew my small donation would be the best value 'movie ticket' I ever bought = a front row seat in the best company.
I'm glad you have included a treat for your wife, otherwise I would have suggested that!
I like the idea of the cookers for Dafur, though solar cookers also crossed my mind too.
I'm glad you are not hibernating completely & I will look forward to continued discussion.
Dank je wel
Clare, in spring downunder with 'my dutchman' I imported 30 years ago.

Artful Dodger

Hi Neven,

I was quite pleased to see the donation to Greenman, and I also had it in mind previously to suggest you take your family out for a special night... :^)

So, here are two more idea for donations:

I think it would be highly appropriate to recognize the amazing contributions of our friend Patrick (Logicman) Lockerby. Without his research and insights into the history of Arctic exploration and sea ice, we'd all be poorer!

Similarly, I'd like to see us make a donation at Tamino's site, as he has done great work analyzing the trends in Arctic Sea Ice.



Lodger: that is extremely kind of you, but as a contributor of a teensy amount I would not feel good about 'getting my own back', Ecclesiastes 11:1 notwithstanding.

Neven: take your family out - show them that we, your loyal and devoted acolytes, appreciate their forbearance as you spent the summer 24/7 at the keyboard whilst ignoring them completely. ;-)
The charitable donation is cool!

Artful Dodger

Patrick, your contributions represent a lifetime of learning and reason: Priceless!

Perhaps a Journal subscription then? Nature Geoscience? Other ideas?



Speaking for no one except myself.

My meager donation no longer belongs to me.
It is yours "unconditionally." PERIOD !!!
What is done is done.

You must decide about any reserves in the account.

I just hope your time and health permits you to continue this BLOG to 2016 +/- 3 years, or at least another 5 years.

As I said in the Tip Jar Post

" if an excess is available he spends it on comforting (entertaining) someone he may have not given full and proper attention to. I've received at least the price of a theater ticket or six-pack of enjoyment here, how about you? "

Looking forward to "contributing - donating" some meager funds again next year.

Keep It Alive.

Jack Taylor

Artful Dodger

Hi folks,

Good ideas coming out! Here's another one, maybe even better than a Journal subscription:

The "Climate Science Legal Defense Fund", organized by Professor Scott Mandia. Scott say:

Climate researchers are in need of immediate legal assistance to prevent their private correspondence from being exposed to Chris Horner and the American Tradition Institute who are using Freedom of Information (FOI) to harass researchers.
Account Deleted

Instead of more efficient wood stoves, how about solar cookers (http://solarcooking.org/) that use no wood? They appear to involved in Dafur as well by supplying CooKits so refugees can build their own cookers.

Rob Dekker

I respect your consideration and contemplation on what to do with this money. But remember it is just a tip jar.
The money is yours, and for you to decide how best to spend it.

For me personally, it was not more than reasonable to drop something in your jar, considering the wealth of information you and so many excellent posters on your blog have provided. As I said before, you enabled an amazing community of knowledgeable people, and facilitated fascinating discussions about our fast changing Arctic.

I'm very sure that I speak on behalf of anyone who has visited your site, or has contributed, when I send you a very big THANK YOU for all that you have done.

Now go and enjoy some family time !


Thanks, Rob! The financial aspect is covered until 2014, so we can all completely focus on the ice.

Lodger, I have donated myself (several times) to Tamino, the climate science defense fund, and I'm still planning on taking Patrick with me to the Arctic (as soon as we find a good reason to do so). ;-)

But as Tamino has done some great work on Arctic data, I'll donate 25 USD on the blog's behalf. That leaves 175 USD in the piggy bank, to be used eventually for another year of hosting costs.

Don Smith, solar cookers are really great too, but they can't always be used and are sometimes too big a step for locals who cling to traditions. As it is, I'll donate the 200 USD to the Darfur Stoves Project on behalf of the blog community.

Ennis George

Hey Neven, reading your blog I know that your heart is in the right place and would trust that however you decide to spend the money it will be the right one.


Darfur stoves is an excellent choice!

Though now we're all eagerly anticipating the photo-diary of you and Patrick ice-hopping.


Thanks, Ennis George. My ego is jumping with joy. ;-)

Though now we're all eagerly anticipating the photo-diary of you and Patrick ice-hopping.

So are we, adelady!


If Neven takes me to the Arctic next summer we will be taking bets. Not on ice extent, but on who will be first to need medevac due to heatstroke. ;-)

r w Langford

Neven. I'll take your wife out to dinner if that helps. Otherwise do exactly what you would like to do.


I'll take your wife out to dinner if that helps.

I don't think I'm okay with that. ;-)

Kevin McKinney

Delighted this is working so well. . . I hope in the future to be in better position to kick a little something into the Tip Jar myself.

In the meantime, thanks and appreciation to Neven and to the contributors who've done their bit to help keep this blog going!

Artful Dodger

Hi Keven,

Well, there is an OWS rally in The Sue on Saturday... ;^)


I Ballantinegray1

Though deeply 'financially challenged' myself I am so pleased that the good folk of this Blog managed to cover your costs ( and more!!!) as for the Surplus? I think the stoves are a top idea ( and well done for supporting this cause before!!!....you know it makes sense!)but funding next year is also high on my 'wish list' as here is a place I turn to daily over the melt season (and throughout our 'hibernation' period!!). As for next summer? as we all suspect ,the next 'Perfect Storm' summer will bring us to a seasonal pack ( if only for that year with the 'recoverists dream' for the next few years) other wise another year of 'consolidation' of the low levels we've seen since 07' is a 'given' is it not?
All the best!


Thanks, Ian!

Donations are done for the coming 2 melting seasons. We'll see what happens after that. I'm already looking forward to the next melting season.

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