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Chris Reynolds

"Continued loss of the oldest, thickest ice has prevented any significant recovery of the summer minimum extent. In essence, what was once a refuge for older ice (Beaufort & Chucki) has become a graveyard."

Kevin O'Neill raised the following point in a discussion with me. It seems that the Beusfort Gyre has been seen as a stabilising flywheel, cycling old ice and ageing it. i.e. here.

However things have changed. As that page implies in it's use of the word 'healthy'.

The instability of sea-ice cover is more than just positive feedbacks and thinner ice being more responsive to weather. The entire system has changed in ways that are sometimes hard to conceive and are not apparent to shallow considerations. The entire pattern of change is vast and substantial.

John Baez

Your link to September analysis doesn't go to the NSIDC's September analysis. I think you want this link instead:



You're right, John. Because the summaries are there for a whole month I usually just link to http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/. But readers who read the blog post later on and click on the link, see the latest summary.

I'll make more of an effort and link properly from now on.


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