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Neven,I'm lost for polite words


Before 2007, 2005 held the record in low ice extent. Despite all claims of recovery, each yearly low after 2007 has still been below that record of 2005.

Artful Dodger

... Too right. Also consider that:

  • Criticism from 'Scientists' is a negative feedback
  • Grant money is the kool-aid of 'cry-o-science' (wah, effin' wah ;^)
  • If CO2 is plant-food, what feeds Skeptics?

So we've got them.

Seke Rob

Whome are you kidding... dispense of all the dots ... FPS, connect them in the right order and any pea brain in the class of Watts and Goddard can see the relentless recovery:

One *small* gripe... it was 2006, not 2005 that the grand frost *resumed* ;P


When will these commies learn that warmth does not melt ice? It's all down to wind, as proved by the fact that WUWT regular "adjustthefacts" has read some scientific papers - and they mentioned wind...


It's wind. Blame it on the dog.

Chris Biscan

That WUWT comments page is incredibly bad. I am almost applaud at how bad it is.

One of the posts was about record high's are not true record highs.

It's a sad joke.

on Americanwx most of the worthwhile "skeptics" don't post about the sea ice anymore, I am assuming it is because of how mean many of them were to the other posters during the 08-11 years about the ice being in peril. After 2011 there just wasn't much left to be said about 2007 being some fluke.

The more denialist trolling posters talk about AMO, the 1930s, geomag flux sun lag heating.

Posting copied work from mostly junk from the 80s and 90s.

Artful Dodger

“The cold in coldness is not real coldness; only when there is coldness in heat does the universal rhythm manifest.”
-- h/t Bruce Lee


I'm also amazed that the denialists aren't forced to deal with the sea ice volume problem.



Two dimensions are enough for any real 'merican. Thickness is a commie conspiracy.

Bob Wallace

Volume is dealt with. PIOMAS is just a model, so any volume data can be ignored.

Seke Rob

Reading the Dark side of Greenland topic, consider that it's all a case of cloaking [by fat cat scientists grant money of course].



I take it that you are ready to bet on a record low?

L. Hamilton

"I take it that you are ready to bet on a record low?"

Because if it's not a record low, that will be clear proof that recovery is in progress.


>"I take it that you are ready to bet on a record low?"

Neven has bet on this. Have you joined intrade to do so?

Seke Rob

Some more proof of a *consolidation* of recovery in Goddard et al spirit [of the law]. http://bit.ly/EXT09M


I believe Watts's Law, as identified here, is merely a subset of a more general law. I'm not sure I can wordsmith it here, but something like "Any new weather extreme signals the beginning of a recovery from that extreme." Goes well with the Escalator graphic.

Bob Wallace

"Because if it's not a record low, that will be clear proof that recovery is in progress."

And if it is a record low, that's also good news.

It means that natural forces are backing up further in order to get a good running start at a full recovery....

Dominik Lenné

Thanks for that one. A goog chuckle keeps the doctor away.

ThE SnYpEr AzZ

In another 4-5 billion years, our sun will be a red giant and grow outwards, making it very hot on earth. Therefore, the next thousand or so ice ages, along with the intervening interglacials, are just noise along this warming path. The best planning we can do is to try to project which continent will drift to one of the poles in 4 billion years, and buy land there.

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