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A nostalgic, even poetic look at history, an informative, yet readable look at the science and a foreboding look at the future.

Thia is a MUST READ!!

Well done Kevin and thanks.

Kevin McKinney

Wow, in turn! Thanks, OldLeatherneck--and double thanks, Neven!

Jeffrey Davis

Very nice, Kevin. We went North this year, but no further than Anchorage.(To start an Alaska cruise) But we did fly into Anchorage shortly after the sun set and the strange mix of half light and the icy mountains of the Kenai peninsula south of Anchorage was beautiful and spooky enough for me. I don't need exotica.

But it's important to add that we have baser motives for wanting to preserve the Arctic than wanting something beautiful around. That huge expanse of unvarying ice shapes the winds and keeps our weather nice and predictable. Agriculture -- ordinary farming -- depends upon predictability.

Kevin McKinney

Thanks, Jeffrey. You are so right; it isn't just about nostalgia. (Though I did mention some practical consequences, too!)

The question of 'what will happen when...' needs to be front-burner; the trouble is that while knowledge on this score is emerging, it looks as if a lot of the learning will be 'in real time,' as the crisis hits.

That said, Neven and I are working on a piece laying out some of the practical issues a little more clearly, so watch for that.


Really excellent work, Kevin! Thank you!



Should be a great collaboration!


Noel Ward

This is just delightful. Well done! This is a piece I'll re-read a few times and keep for some time.

Kevin McKinney

Thanks, guys!

Also, feel free to link... ;-)

Kevin McKinney

Just hit 1,000 page views--not much if you're writing about the latest pop star, perhaps, but fantastic by my standards. And ASI readers have helped reach that point the most. Thanks for your interest, everyone!

Wayne Kernochan

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