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I'm going to give this data set more of the attention it deserves next year. I'm so used to manually updating IJIS SIE and CT SIA that I couldn't fit this one in.

It's great that NSIDC has made daily data available. Anthony Watts complained about it many times, but doesn't seem to have the time yet to announce this to his audience and thank the NSIDC publicly.

Espen Olsen

79 Fjords Glacier,

Just studied some up2date radar images from Joekelbugt, and it looks like 79 got a calving potential of + 100 km2?

Patrice Monroe Pustavrh

Neven, pre 2011 values are also available at:

Patrice Monroe Pustavrh

It is the best if you just remove file name and use directory. There are 3 files in there:
- Current data (nrt.csv) file

- Climatology data (climatology_1979-2000.csv)

- Historical data (final.csv)

Artful Dodger

Thank you Jack and Neven for making this info public. In the interests of sparing the hosting Organization some spam, perhaps you could slightly 'transmogrify' the -at- symbol within the email addy above, just to throw off the spambots

please feel free to delete this comment as well!



NSIDC have posted about the storm and recent events.



Tsk, don't know who 'D' is - my user name around the climate boards is barry.


(off to fix my account)


Transmorgified the e-mail addy's above. Needed to know how to EDIT a post, first time and it worked. Kind of been useless for the blog lately - used to try to do some animations, but now Neven is always a step ahead of me, maybe someday I will find something positive that's not a duplication.

Because the link(s) were not activated properly, it's doubtful any "spambots" picked the addy out, because 99% of them are coded to pick up on the mailto: scheme of the HTML Anchor Tag surrounding
mailto:[email protected]

Delete this most - no way - it's what a group or team is about - you're relevant, enjoyable, and useful for me read your comments.


Artful Dodger

Thanks, Jack. Hope the Winter is treating you well. Cheers, mate!

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