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Some of that sickness at the edges is Photoshop cloning tool artifact, for which I apologize.

To grind Neven's metaphor into the ground, the sickness looks like a nasty genetic disease that shows increasing severity with successive generations ("anticipation" in geneticist jargon). Think Huntington's Disease.

I therefore fear that the offspring may not make it through the summer pretty soon........

Chris Alemany

I'm sorry I've been trying to figure it out for a while now but I have yet to figure out what website these near-real time MODIS images are obtained from. I've been through the MODIS site a million times and have never found these 'tiles' or anything approaching what is here.

Could someone provide a direct link to where these are downloaded? Thank you so much



Welcome, another Chris. Is this what you mean?


Like cheese, wine and intellect, ice improves with age. Children having children is never a happy scenario and I fear our child will give birth to the next without the necessary maturity that MYI would bring.
The feverish rapture of rapid freezing followed closely be even more rapid melt is a childish, self destructive (shelf destructive:) pattern followed by feckless youth, and only an aged, hand, seasoned by the passage of many seasons can guide us back from the impetuosity of FYI.

Terry - Grey Power Party Rules (Drools:)

Kevin McKinney

Yeah, we might as well laugh; crying hasn't done much good so far!


I won't groan for "shelf destructive" until you give me one for Ob'vious

The whole point about the children of this icepack is that they are unlikely to beget children of their own who get very far in life. The Cycle of Arctic Poverty will be renewed.

They should be safe from Alzheimer's Disease, though......that's something.


I won't groan for "shelf destructive"

Last year I had a blog post called You do it to your shelf. :-P

Steve C

It will take many months for the child to recuperate from the recent bout of Typhoon Fever.



That sounds as if it would be borderline illegal in our prissy society here - an autoenthalpic act


dabize, great work, and Neven thanks for its posting.

Depending on weather and currents we may still have alot of ice melt or grind away.

Humor aside - it is sobering, especially considering the unknown impacts of potential Arctic heating on future climate as this becomes the "norm" in July, not August, or what used to be September....you get my drift.


Peter Ellis

Chris: here

Click through on the main picture to get individual tiles. Today's picture is usually incomplete (as soon as they finish one mosaic, they start assembling the next)

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