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Rob Dekker

Joe and Neven, I am so sorry to hear about the suffering in you family. I wish both of you hope and strength to get through this difficult period.

Your notes makes me realize how precious our life is, and that we should live every day to the fullest extent.

My thoughts are with you guys.


Some other issues to ponder as it relates to the Arctic.

1. The 1F increase that's coming in the next 30 years (if all CO2 production should cease right now).

2. The impact of Methanogens' increased metabolic rate due to the warming of the soil. This is apart from the mere increase of permafrost thaw.


Neven, hi,
I’m in a metaphysical mood these days. May enlightenment be with you and yours. I was tempted to quit following after my last post above. I’ve seen it all and that sort of thing. So I can relate to your feelings.

As an individual, I’d like to spend whatever time I have in gardening. But you, your blog and the Group have become part of that. So I’ll hang on.

I’m glad that was Georges Brassens, the talented songwriter. Not Sartre.
It is said that the Bhagavan Buddha contemplated long after the moment of enlightenment. He chose to share…


BTW following my post on getting this into the discussions in media and between people I start having visions of possible symbols.

Now this has nothing to do with science, and I’m not even remotely credible on the artistic side.
But I see this child, a baby, sitting on the sand on a beach. Close to the waves. Infinite sea in unpredictable movement. It’s head is over the horizon, in perspective. It is surrounded by cloudy skies.
It is an image that makes me wonder. It doesn’t frighten, but it draws attention. Who could resist to help?
Hope to work this out soon. Maybe there’s something done like this yet?



Prayers for you and your family, and same for Neven's. The unexpected hurt of loved ones and the loss of others remind us that life is fragile and is a precious gift.

Neven, while it is tempting to branch out into areas other than ice - it is the focus of this blog that has attracted those who contribute - and those draw from it.

I am surprised and impressed with how often what is contributed here is beginning to show up in the broader media or govt. presentations. It demonstrates that what we are about is making a difference.

In my real life, studies show there is a point of social media impact that comes when a site/message continues a message that shapes people's opinion and that has influence. It takes time - we are getting there - thanks to Neven.

So for now - to echo others - "let's focus on the ice" and its science ramifications.

Espen Olsen

Sorry to hear about the family problems Joe and Neven are facing!

My suggestions to the future Arctic Sea Ice Blog are.

1. Main focus on the Arctic Sea and the surrounding sea ice.

2. The ice cap Greenland.

3. Local glacier reports from SE,NE,NO,NW and SW of Greenland, Canada, Norway (Svalbard) and Russian Islands

4. Fast ice reports Greenland, Canada.

All above topics should be moderated by a main editor (Neven) and chosen sub-editors, primarily to relieve Neven from the heavy work keeping this site together.
If a nice format is established I will sponsor my domain names Ecovery.com / Ecovery.org and Ecovery.net a domain I find pretty relevant to the topic.


Thanks for your sympathy. I feel sorry for my aunts and uncles, but am more sad about the stupidity that caused their disease (unhealthy lifestyles and never thinking about it).

thanks to Neven

Not to be modest or anything, but this has been a group effort from the start. I'm just the janitor. Build a public toilet, and it will be used. Especially if you keep it clean. :-p


Hi All,
My suggestion is to clone another typepad blog dealing with the impacts/philosophy/politics of the melt, my initial feeling is a name of 'neven2', in the future maybe we can clone again.

Rob Dekker

Neven said

I'm just the janitor. Build a public toilet, and it will be used. Especially if you keep it clean. :-p

Very well worded, Neven. I hope that janitorial work will continue to be the least of your worries as this blog continues in popularity. So far, it's self-cleansing properies seem to be unmatched in the blogosphere.

r w Langford

A bit more information out on arctic fresh water increase from runoff and storms affecting climate in the northern hemisphere. This may be old news to some people.

Bob Wallace

A comment I saw on another site - posted, apparently, by a Greenlander.

"The amount of ice comming out from Ilulissat icfjord has been extreme for the last 8-10 days. Like a giant white freight train way out in the horizon as far as you could see.


Summers up here are getting warmer. The intensity of the sun's rays in june/juli/aug. makes you feel like a potato being baked. Meassured temperature set new records in several cities. "


And here's a 'nice' permafrost piece: Siberian Arctic Yedoma permafrost carbon release 10x faster than expected

Chris Biscan

Chris Biscan


Today on Americanwx(I am frivolousz21) I couldn't as well as others duplicate Bob Tisdale's North and South Pacific sst's.

Not that I am saying he manipulated them, but can anyone help us out? Am I missing something or is the error on his part?

duplicate, just want anyone who can help see it, Neven, you can delete a few of these if you wish, but I'd appreciate it if you left them up for a few hours.......


Bob Wallace - intersting observation. I think recently a 'dam', created by grounded icebergs at the fjord mouth, broke. Somewhere between day 234 and 239 (on MODIS imagery), there was a large flux of bergs out into the open ocean from Ilulissat Fjord. Over the following five days, a great many of the bergs in the lower half of the fjord were able to exit, partially clearing that bit of fjord. Meanwhile, the ice up near the ice front progressed rapidly down the fjord from day 239 (as marked by the evolution of a dark streak of material among the bergs near the ice front between day 239 and 243), mostly refilling the lower part of the fjord with bergs by day 246. A new km-scale berg calved off the southern calving front between day 243 and day 246.

The fjord will effectively be "full" again over the next day or so as the mass of ice from the upper fjord finished filling the lower fjord, and it will be interesting to see if a new dam is formed at the fjord mouth.

It will also be interesting to see if this change in the Ilulissat fjord affects the overall calving front position, via a loss of back pressure on the calving front.


Not particularly on theme, but....

Tax breaks for oils companies.



@ Geoff Beacon, all the reports by the IPCC are known to be overly-conservative due to all participating Governments having to agree what goes into them.

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