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IMHO the most interesting feature is the ice-age comparison map.

For instance, it's fascinating to see how quite a tad of 5+-year ice to it's destroyement has been squized through the NWPassage.

Fascinating to see too the "tongue" pointing to the New Siberian Islands and formed in 2008/2009 still holds. Looks like it's the Arctics very last weapon to it's defence.

Out of intrest I've added this image to the September Arctic Parade

Artful Dodger

I found it more interesting the NSIDC says SIE is below 4.0 Million sq. km when on the day, and by their own data, SIE is below 3.6 Million sq. km.

Waiting for them to reassert Antarctic sea ice into the Arctic updates...

Seke Rob

The problem with the US public funded institutions is, there's 2 factions going by the TP and GOP monikers that likes to defund anything too loud. If they reassert [things are still salvageable] by integrating the Antarctic data... they can, and then inevitable the global image appears: http://bit.ly/CTGB01 . Close to 3 StdDev. Come October/November, will that red line dip below the 2010/2011 tracks?

bill kapra

A4R and Protege,

I'm following the HYCOM drift projections too and it looks as if we're in for very substantial ejection through Fram in coming days.

What do folks know about the likelihood of such ejected ice melting off the east coast of Greenland?

Espen Olsen

As long as it not an erection, but only a Fram export, it is ok!

Bob Wallace

Here's a thickness comparison of Jun 1 and Sep 4 ice thickness. (Thanks to A4R for the images.)


It's certainly been a year of change.


@bill kapra

The ice sent out through the Fram Strait will melt since it goes south to warmer waters. Sometimes it has to travel a long way to melt, sometimes it doesn't.

Seke Rob

New record minimum by the looks of it:

2012, 09, 09, 3.49977, 0.00000,
2012, 09, 10, 3.46646, 0.00000,

5 Day trailing mean 3512874

Yes it can!

Jim Williams


It's not exactly an announcement of minimum, but it is news.


"So far, air temperatures have remained above freezing and Stroeve has not observed any ice formation. "


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