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Nightvid Cole

White = cloud coverage???

Chris Reynolds

When people have seen this they really need to read Julienne Stroeve's latest blog post:

If there's anyone here who's not seen it.


No.......white is red channel signal that is probably ice.

Either blue or white is ice - I've taken to leaving the red signal in when it is clear that not does not represent cloud.

For this animation, all of the frames were treated the same way. In the past, I've removed more of the red signal since I couldn't be sure of what it was. This had the effect of making the ice appear more uniform. In those cases, it was best to assume that the degree of white wan't much of an indicator of anything.

So in this animation, the white signal MAY mean something about ice thickness - especially away from the ice margin.


When you compare these images with the Bremen ice concentration images, it looks as if the newest ice is whiter than moist other ice, since areas of new ice formation are in the "whiter" regions (in parts of the ESS and Laptev).

BTW - notice the big loss after the first frame - this corresponds to our storm of many names in August, which really did do a number on SIA and SIE.

Seke Rob

MASIE/IMS crew was peeking through the clouds and decided it was time for a record:

16-Sep-2012 2012260 3398785,21
17-Sep-2012 2012261 3520791,45
18-Sep-2012 2012262 3544682,16
19-Sep-2012 2012263 3438433,28
20-Sep-2012 2012264 3368882,08

What do they know?, you'd ask... Another GAC in the Arctic Basin cup?

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