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I am visiting your blog now for more then a half year.
Threads are presented with clear charts and succinct text.
It does help me a lot in my study of climate science.


I watched both video’s with sorrow. If people like Revelle and McCracken promoted this knowledge even in the sixties and eighties, it makes clear that mainstream western society traded insight for greed.

On the economic side, I don’t like to put all the blame for worldwide inequality on the first industrialised societies. But on the ecological side, it is clear there is a very large responsibility.

I pity those who carry no blame and mostly are unaware of what’s coming their way.

We knew…

Personally I had a hunch too. Being a young student in high school I remember postulating ’…40 years left…’ in biology and chemistry classes. I had vague info on the Club of Rome report then (but not much spirit).
Hélas, I never got much more active than being member of a nature conservation institute. During these 40 years, I’ve taken a greedy share too…


Skeptical science has a new article discussing the role of the August storm in the 2012 minimum:


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