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Steve Bloom

Unsurprisingly, researchers are jumping into the sea ice change-induced funny weather business at an increasing pace. This new paper seems to have not been linked here as yet:

"On the Relationship between Winter Sea Ice and Summer Atmospheric Circulation over Eurasia

"Using the NCEP/NCAR and JRA-25 re-analysis data, this paper investigates the association between winter sea ice concentration (SIC) in Baffin Bay southward to the eastern coast of Newfoundland, and the ensuing summer atmospheric circulation over the mid-high latitudes of Eurasia. It is found that winter SIC anomalies are significantly correlated with the ensuing summer 500 hPa height anomalies that dynamically correspond to the Eurasian pattern of 850 hPa wind variability and significantly influence summer rainfall variability over northern Eurasia. Spring atmospheric circulation anomalies south of Newfoundland, associated with persistent winter-spring SIC and a horseshoe-like pattern of sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies in the North Atlantic, act as a bridge linking winter SIC and the ensuing summer atmospheric circulation anomalies over northern Eurasia. Indeed, this study only reveals the association based on observations and simple simulation experiments with SIC forcing. The more precise mechanism for this linkage needs to be addressed in future work using numerical simulations with SIC and SST as the external forcings. Our results have the following implication: Winter SIC west of Greenland is a possible precursor for summer atmospheric circulation and rainfall anomalies over northern Eurasia."

More summer blocking ahead for northern Eurasia, from the sound of it.

Steve Bloom

Oops, wrong thread on that last. Re-posting to current open thread.

Artful Dodger

Werther wrote: | February 03, 2013 at 02:55

In Paradisum, Ghoti... I'm not particularly Roman, but Fauré's music might help me through..

I find this dirge helpful, Werther (and a Day Off ;^)



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