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Many of those slogans are too "intellectual" sounding for your typical Joe and Jane Doe. They also give the impression of being private jokes.

We also have to be careful and not project a '2012' doomsday message. Since it will be impossible to soundbite a complex issue like this we can give teases with a website url for those who wish to tune in. I recommend Joe Romm's Climate Progress as the most people friendly.

Here are my contributions:

1. When the Arctic loses its ice we lose our crops.

2. Ice free Arctic in 2020. What does that mean? www.climateprogress.com

You can also make bumperstickers.

Jim Williams

If you think it's hot now just wait for the Arctic to melt.


The Arctic is our air conditioner. Don't let it melt away.


A "GREENER" Greenland....
.....Courtesy of the Fossil Fuel Industry!!


By way of friendly and constructive criticism we have to be careful what we say. :-)

For example:

@OldLeatherneck: "A "GREENER" Greenland.........Courtesy of the Fossil Fuel Industry!!"

Unfortuantely the public has no idea as to why a greener Greenland would be bad for us. Quite the contrary, the public will imagine that a greener Greenland would be good. They could easily get confused.


"Reflect on an Arctic that doesn't reflect"

People without information on the arctic will simply say why should I reflect?


most of the cars on this road will survive longer than the remaining arctic sea ice.

james cobban

Healthy planet: Priceless
Dying planet: Iceless


Dad...what did polar bears look like?

Mum...where did all the penguins go?

Granddad...was there really ice in the Arctic?


Yeah, I know there are penguins down south, but people should know both ends are melting.

Artful Dodger

"Cool, not Coal."


"Coal, not Cool."

Best of Luck with the contest.


Dad/mom - why did Santa drown?

There is nothing quite so blue as a blue Arctic Ocean.

Bummer! So this is what it feels like to start an extinction.

Bummer! Too bad we killed the world.

No arctic ice? Bad human!

Oh we'll. It was a nice world, while it lasted.

Recipe for extinction: Roast the world with carbon until the ice is gone.

Too bad. So sad. We melted the ice and boiled the world.

No ice, no problem. Welcome to Manitoba, the new Miami!


No arctic ice means no bread basket.


'Recipe for extinction: Roast the world with carbon until the ice is gone' is a bit of a mouthful, but

'Recipe for extinction: melt the Arctic'

might work

Ac A

Ok, here is mine:

"When Arctic is ice FREE, no one of us is free."

- or any variation of it...




Here’s mine. A variation on ‘money, dignity, courage’ …

“Money lost, nothing much lost…
“Health lost, a lot lost…”
“Arctic sea ice lost, everything lost…”

John Christensen

What a great effort Scarlet P!

My contributions:

"Where do you think the ice in your cocktail comes from?"

"Will your third DVD player make you happier?"

"Coming Soon: Arctic Cruise - With Water-Skiing Across the North Pole"

John C

Stefan Becker

"Cancer is an unlimited growth of cells.
Does earth has cancer?"

"Cancer is an unlimited growth of cells starting with just one cell.
Does earth has cancer?"


Apologies if this seems like personal promotion - but that was not my intent with this idea.

I chose my online name for a reason:

Arctic ice lost? Apocalypse for real!

Nightvid Cole

The arctic is about to fart.

7 billion are in the seat behind it.

Jeffrey Davis

"No Ice" is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Rob Dekker

I really like the first one :

What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic

It is non-judgmental, and inspires curiousity.

What IS happening in the Arctic, and how does it affect us ?


Arctic meltdown
Beat the rush
Panic now


When they came for the polar bears, I did not speak out. I'm going to bitch like hell when it's my turn.




Playing on the comment on the blog.

For Sale, Fixer Upper, 4 billion years old, slightly damaged, only two former tenants.
One extinct, the other working hard on it.


Donald wrote: "The Arctic is our air conditioner."

I thought up a similar one: "The Arctic sea ice is our air conditioner." It's simple, but stimulates the imagination.

I think this one will make an impact in the US: Arctic sea ice going Galt. :-P


This probably only works for people who watched UK childrens' TV a few decades ago...

Bye bye Sooty,
Bye bye Sweep,
Bye bye children,
Bye bye polar bears,
Bye bye everybody,

David Sanger

No Ice, Ain't Nice


Arctic sea ice going AWOL, is the climate we're used to next?

Wayne Kernochan

First Arctic sea ice goes,
Then most of the world's ice goes,
Then most of the world's cropland goes,
Then 80% of our great-great-grandchildren go -- if we're lucky.
What else in your life is more important than stopping using carbon?

Protege Cuajimalpa

Permafrost or melted-frost?
Methane emissions will kill us all.

Protege Cuajimalpa

I used to think that I was cool
Running around on fossil fuel
Until I saw what I was doing
Was driving down the road to ruin

Traffic Jam Song - James Taylor

Artful Dodger

Nice sentiments folks, but really how many words can you read when scanning road signs at 70 mph?

Let's try some more 3 to 5 word slogans!


james cobban

Arctic sea ice corks the
Weather genie in its bottle

james cobban

High Arctic, Low Ice.
80% of sea ice gone.

Jim Hunt

I'd suggest relating the message to recent "once in a lifetime" events in the local vicinity. For example, over here in not so sunny South West England such a "Motorway blog" might read:

Less Arctic Sea Ice?
More SW Floods!

Elsewhere you might try inverting the Q&A:

Less Iowa Corn?
Less Arctic Sea Ice!

Trying hard to satisfy "Lodger's Criterion":

Vanishing Mississippi?
Vanishing Arctic Sea Ice!

(Too many characters?)

Depending on how far you felt like pushing the science:

Less Arctic Sea Ice?
More Moscow Snow!

(Anyone here speak Russian / write Cyrillic?)

New York Floods?
Arctic Sea Ice!

etc. etc. ad infinitum

USA Post Kyoto?
Obama Delivers?


Fuck the Planet, North Pole first

or variations:

Fuck the Planet in its ice hole

Sorry, for the crudity but visceral and readable, I think, at 70 mph

John Goddard

Warming the Arctic is not Cool.

Hans Verbeek

Make that giant leap for mankind and STOP DRIVING


"Listen, kid, we're all in it together" - Harry Tuttle


Arctic Sea Ice
Keeps your cool.

Arctic Sea Ice
Keeps you cool.

Arctic Hot = Miami Not

What if arctic ice
No longer recycled?

Coming Soon:
An Ice-Free Arctic

Apt. for rent -
Landlord absent
Attic on Fire

Arctic Melt = People Melt


Would you give up your car
To save the planet?

The Stone Age did not end
Because we ran out of stones.

The Oil Age will not end
Because we ran out of oil.

In .5 century, exit planet.


As a youngster I was always fascinated by the Burma Shave road signs. They were small with one line per sign & everyone would try and guess the upcoming rhyming line.

While probably not great for Freeway signage, PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), old Route 66 or any of the other heavily traveled byways might be an appropriate venue & it's not impossible that some might be noticed by the media in a nostalgia piece.

My skills as a writer of doggerel are lacking but I threw out a few to demonstrate

Now ice is white
And water's blue
The Arctic's melting
What can you do

When ice is gone
In Santa's realm
The coastal tides
Will overwhelm

The Arctic ice
Will melt away
It won't come back
For many a day

We're almost out
Of Arctic ice
Don't take the chance
Don't roll the dice

With sea ice gone
Our future's clear
Things won't go well
On this small sphere

Our future's clear
When ice is gone
We'll cook ourselves
And blame Chevron

The Arctic once
was full of ice
When Burma Shave
made driving nice
Those day are gone
The ice is too
The Arctic Ocean
Will soon turn blue



Dar Williams' song 'Blue Light of the Flame' has many allusions to climate change. Paraphrasing one couplet:

As the Earth melts at the Poles,
Will we race to mend the controls?


Dude, Where'd all the ice go?

What the hell did we do to the arctic?

Watch out for polar bears. They are pissed off AND hungry.

Ding. Game over. No more lives. 8-(

Anybody got another Earth to burn?

Uh Oh. We blew it man. No more ice.

Is this how Venus ended?

Is this how Venus roasted?

Gnarly dude, surfing the Arctic! Woo hoo!

Why is the Arctic Ocean bubbling like that?

No Arctic Ice?! Oh crap, that can't be good.

Svalbard, the new Miami.


Climate Change: Bringing the coast--and its people--closer to you!


"Arctic Sea Ice?
Fuck You".

or more simply...

"Fuck You".

How about some simple factage?

"Ice in the Arctic?
Down 50%!"

"Running on empty?
Please check your Arctic Sea Ice Levels Now Thank you"

"New! Arctic Oil,,Next Offramp!"

God Bless


Welcome to sunny Iowa - the new Sahara!

New sport. Sand surfing the midwest desert.

Corn? Oh yeah, didn't they grow that in Iowa before it turned desert?


The Arctic is melting.

You're next........


within the context of Californian motorists, I have the following proposal for a week-long campaign - one new sign each day with questions like these:

What will you do, when 25,000 polar bears come ashore?

Will you mince the meat and try to sell 100 mio. Polar Burgers?

Will you turn vegetarian and survive on seaweed all summer?

Will you strip the skin off the beasts and insulate 250 luxury homes?

Will you pour 25,000 tons of carcasses into the nearest biogas plant?

Will you take a cruise to the Arctic and watch the carnage?

Will you take the best teeth and try to sell 100,000 amulets?

Will you take the rest of the teeth and create perfect smiles in Hollywood?

Followed by a tiny poem to advertise this site:

Stop the car and get off the hook.
Stop for a moment and take a look
- at Neven's Arctic sea ice site.
Watch the ice go - bite by bite.


I remember seeing Burma Shave signs. Long time ago, but clearly they made a lasting impression.

I attempted a few new ones to bring it home:

We skated ponds
And taught our child
But now our winter’s
Much too mild
Climate Change

Summer picnic
Record heat wave
Medic aid!
Climate Change

River rushing
Clear blue sky
Months without rain
River dry
Climate change

House in mountains
Seasons turning
Beetle damage
Trees are burning
Climate Change


Save the arctic, Save ourselves!

Artful Dodger

"The Arctic. See Ice?"

Tor Bejnar

Way to write, Terry and sigmetnow!

Here are some scriptural possibilities:

You must provide for the redemption of the earth. (Lev. 25:24)
The earth withers, ...for they have transgressed (Isaiah 24:4-5)
You cannot serve both God and mammon. (Luke 16:13)
Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. (Exodus 23:2)


@tor Bejnar:

Here's another Bible verse on the apocalyptic side of things:

The nations were angry,
and your wrath has come....
for destroying those who destroy the earth.”
Revelation 11:18, New International Version

Frank Johannessen

I got a few...

"Santa: Client change refugee no. 10.000.000?"

"Got Ice?"

"What now?"

"Your move"

"Wasn't this supposed to happen to our grandchildren?"

"Welcome to the future!"


"welcome to the 21st century"

- used when people express shock with weather that used to never happen, or extreme catastrophe that has global warming written all over it, such as hurricane sandy or recent tornadoes in new york city.

Remko Kampen

One swallow doesn't make a summer, so a million swallows means Ice Age.


Anthropogenecene, the new age started by humans


Borrowing it from my favorite coffee.

Arctic Sea Ice - Good to the last drip

Artful Dodger

Arctic Drilling,
Climate Killing.

Artful Dodger

Big Oil,
Little Ice.
Climate Change.


When there's a huge solar energy spill,
it's just called a "nice day"



When Arctic Ice Melts
Well oil beef hooked...

Ok so not entirely original, but maybe somewhat cryptic humorous edgy angle has some cut-through?

Kevin McKinney

brent, I'm thinking that that's a bit cryptic for most folks. (The second line phonetically 'transforms' into a slangy expression of amazement & dismay, as expressed in Canadian 'Down East' dialect, for those who may be among the puzzled.)

Artful Dodger

"Drill, dummy, drill".

Artful Dodger


Send entries to freewayblogger - at - yahoo- dot - com

Deadline is March 15th, 2013.

Artful Dodger

"Imagine 7 Billion Hot-heads..."

Protege Cuajimalpa

How much Arctic sea ice has been lost?
50% extent or 80% volume?

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