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Forgot to say that commenting on forums works slightly different, in that you don't use HTML but BBcode, which essentially boils down to different tags: [ and ] instead of the HTML tags.

And I've opened a poll: Cryosphere Today 2013 Arctic SIA maximum.


Nice ! It's going to be interesting...


Chrome is giving me this message --

This is probably not the site you are looking for!

You attempted to reach forum.arctic-sea-ice.net, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as ssl15.ovh.net. This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of forum.arctic-sea-ice.net.
You should not proceed, especially if you have never seen this warning before for this site.

Firefox says:

This Connection is Untrusted

You have asked Firefox to connect
securely to forum.arctic-sea-ice.net, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.
Normally, when you try to connect securely,
sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified.

What Should I Do?

If you usually connect to
this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue.


When you fix the connection to the forum, please delete my comments so that they do not put people off.


Artful Dodger

Donald, please read Neven's post above. This is expected, because the security certificate used by the forum's Host is in the Host's name, not the Forum's.

Greg Wellman

Donald, presumably Nevin doesn't want to pay for a real security certificate (which is only really needed if you're doing commerce of some sort). As said (but perhaps not well explained) in the post above, you can either create an exception in your browser to accept this, or use http instead of https.

Think of it like this: there are really three levels of security:
http - no security, your packets can be read anywhere along the path they take.
https without certificate - you get encryption.
https with certificate - encryption plus you're guaranteed the website hasn't been spoofed (which matters if it's a bank, but who is going to spoof Nevin's forum?)


Thanks, Greg. I was in too big a hurry to see the forum!

Artful Dodger

Hi Folks,

Neven is being VERY generous in allowing unencrypted access to the Forum via HTTP. IMO, instead you should always use HTTPS to login.

However the security RISK is not his, it is YOURS. If you login via an unencrypted connection, your username and password WILL be stolen, instantly, as the message is transported in PLAIN TEXT across the internet from you to the Forum host.

This is no joke. These messages go through dozens of Routers between yourself and the Forum, ALL OF WHICH constantly log any unencrypted Username and Password which pass through them (ironically, the Forum itself does not store your password, it keeps a HASH of your password that it compares to the one you submit when you login).

Worse yet, if you reuse the same password on the forum as you use for your email account, then you've really unzipped your pants and walked naked out in public. DO NOT use the same password for your email and the Forum!

Personally, I would NEVER allow access to the Forum by unencrypted HTTP. It is a disaster waiting to happen, just as surely as the loss of Arctic sea ice, and a million times faster to occur. However it is not my choice. I can only warn you of the real dangers.

Really, if somebody does not understand the risks, and follow simple instructions to avoid them, they do not belong on the Forum. In that way, forum security is a microcosm of the climate risk we all face. Blindly ignoring risk, staggering forward toward sure disaster.

Kindly accept this as advice to all, not directed at any person or individual. It is not a personal attack, until your email address and password are stolen.

Then, you could expect rough treatment by internet hackers and even foreign governments and corporations. Got anything confidential in your email? Here's how to protect it.

In summary:

1. always use HTTPS to login, and
2. use a DIFFERENT PASSWORD than the one you use for your email account.

Best regards,


Thanks for explaining the HTTPS some more, folks.

Artful Dodger

In case you missed the link in my Summary above, here is the relevant Wikipedia article:


If you don't already understand HTTPS, do yourself a favour by learning about this topic.

Your loved ones will thank you for it!


Jim Hunt

Thanks for setting up the new forum Neven. I've moved some of my musings about renewable energy over there, which I feel sure will please you!

However my first attempt at starting a new thread failed with an error message to the effect that "attachment directory is not writeable". I solved the problem another way, but you may wish to look into this?


Thanks, Jim. The forum is a bit slow too (for me, at least). I'll have a look and see if something needs to be changed.

30 new members and counting... :-)

Bob Wallace

So, just to be clear.

If we click on the link in this sentence from the above article -

"I've set up the Arctic Sea Ice Forum, that together with blog and daily graphs forms the holy Arctic Trinity."

- our stuff is encrypted?


I believe so, Bob. And the first time your browser will whine about security certificates. Tell it not to.

Espen Olsen

Just registered!


Neven two things, you can easily copy and paste any articles from anyone by simple E-mail request.

And I like the comments to be posted on top instead of bottom, so we can easily read the article debated while writing about it.


Neven, your mentioning of Johan Cruijff brought back so many memories of watching Ruud Gullit and him play in Holland, which reminded me of the great time I had watching Hilbert van der Duim speed skate and the unforgettable vogelpoep incident (I got his autography at the Rij), among others. Watching him skate was akin to watching the Cardiac Cardinals play when Jim Hart was the quarterback and the receiver was Terry Metcalf who used to juggle the ball on his fingertips and you never knew if he was finally going to latch onto it. People were known to smash their televisions to pieces after watching those games. Jim Hart's alma mater was SIU (mine too), and he came back to coach.

OK, that is my OT for the day! Great memories!

Bob Wallace

"Tell it not to."

Thanks. I whipped it into shape.

Artful Dodger

Neven wrote:

"In name of the blog, the forum and the daily graphs, amen."

What did the dyslexic blogger post?
"Nothing. There is no golb."

See you awl on the other side! ;^)



I don't how they do it, but a spambot managed to open a topic to promote shoes this morning. As the shoes were very ugly, I cannot tolerate this. I have changed the forum's settings so that you have to go through the verification process (medium-difficult garbled text and one easy question) when you register and for your first three posts. After that you're home free.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we can't have ugly shoes on this forum.

Fairfax Climate Watch

This forum sounds good, thanks Neven!

Russell McKane

For regulars information - I'm signed in under Treform on the Forum - not my real name as here - though I will probably sign off as Russell - I'm looking forward to the new opportunity of this forum and the simplificationof the Blog which has such immense value.


Slow doesn't really fuuly describe the 'forum experience'. Can't get to the page half the time - and when you do - 'slow' is more appropriate.

Whatever happened to "if it ain't broke..."



I've had no problem with the forum. Regrets to heae you have, Steve.

Jim Hunt

I've had no speed or access problems on the new forum either Steve. I don't know where the new server is, but I use Chrome and I'm from Europe, which may or may not be relevant!

And from my perspective Typepad does appear to be somewhat "broke". If I had ten bob for every minute I'd wasted struggling with their "spam" filter I'd be a rich man!


Just published an index of the posts I have done on Greenland Glaciers , this is something I will look to update, any feedback is welcome

Ac A

I think everybody here has already seen press release of a study to be published in PNAS:

Petoukhov, V., Rahmstorf, S., Petri, S., Schellnhuber, H. J. (2013): Quasi-resonant amplification of planetary waves and recent Northern Hemisphere weather extremes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Early Edition)

Michael Tobis has some details: http://planet3.org/2013/02/26/science-climate-change-linked-to-large-scale-severe-events/


Protege Cuajimalpa

Hi, Neven.

I didn’t thank you for setting up the Forum (that I should…), but I want to be the first one to congratulate you for reaching the 100,000 views in only 16 days.
Great success!


100,000 views? Wow. Thanks, PC. :-)

Kevin McKinney

Incredible! It took over three years for my catalog of online articles to hit the 100,000 views milestone. But the site definitely merits it.

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