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L. Hamilton

Dr. Francis made a crucial suggestion regarding our new paper on what the public *believes* about an Arctic/weather connection.

That paper is now out for review, but you can see the survey question and basic response percentages here:


Looking forward to your paper, Larry! And this radio interview you gave, is very good as well.

Just as a reminder: I recently wrote a blog post that discusses Larry's paper from last year, and if the public's perception of the Arctic is shifting.

L. Hamilton

One interesting thing about public opinion on this Arctic/weather question is that it varies with weather on the day you ask the question.

Ac A


thanks for posting this. But only 50 million people? It is less than 1% of global population, so it is statistically insignifican number.

500 million is a better number, but probably not enough anyway.

Dear Lawrence - but it make difference, if you asked people about major *negative* effects? And what about the peoples *willingness* to change (destructive) behaviour in order to avoid negative consequences of Arctic warming?

But maybe it is too late to ask people :-)


50 million views is common for favourite songs, but even then most of population is unaware of them.


If Dr. Francis did the presentation Gungham Style the video might reach 500 million.

Hans Gunnstaddar

Maybe the questionnaire should include a more contemporary query, such as;

A reduced temperature gradient between the Arctic and the tropics increases jet stream amplification, which in turn increases weather incidents known as:

A. Buffering
B. Balooning
C. Blocking

In this manner even if they get it wrong, later when the answers are provided they can become aware of why there are now more severe floods and droughts. Education of climate change by way of poll feedback.

Bill Fothergill

@ Hans

When such matters are being discussed by certain individuals, you should also make provision for...

D. Buffooning
E. Bolloxing



Here's one for the meteorologists out there.

A 1000 slide!!! powerpoint show of extreme weather events and how they might relate to climate change by Stu Ostro:


Ostro will be joining Prof. Francis on climate desk live tomorrow (Thursday) where they'll be talking about "The Alarming Science Behind Climate Change’s Increasingly Wild Weather"

Date and Time: Thursday, June 6, 2013, 4:30 p.m. Location: WWF Building, 1250 24th St., NW, Washington, DC 20037.

It should be live-streamed on the internet, more details here:


Hans Gunnstaddar

Yes, and all the other anticipated human responses which will also invariably include F. Bargaining. You know when whatever change is needed gets altered so the one's with the most dough can still swing freely from the trees (drive Hummers).

Jai Mitchell

Apologize for the double post. I realize I put it onto the wrong thread. . .

Since Jennifer Francis is the lead in this thread, I wanted to share that she will be doing a group presentation with a U.S. Meteorologist, Stu Ostero to share their views on atmospheric blocking in an arctic amplified environment. Stu apparently has developed a separate view of the process that is complimentary to Dr. Francis' work. It will be located via livestream at the following link:


The presentation starts at 4:30 PM east coast U.S. (New York) time today (6/6). (GMT-0:400)


In the category weather wiplash:


From frost to 100 Degrees in 58 Hours...

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