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C11A-0341Effects of the Sea Ice Floe Size Distribution on Polar Ocean Properties and Air-Sea Exchange Christopher Horvat and Eli Tziperman, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States

Hi Steve,
Good luck and have a great time! I started to sort through the monday sessions and this contribution above caught my interest. It seems to relate to the quality of the ice-pack, to what I've been checking on MODIS for some years now. If mean floe size is diminishing, I'd be very interested in the feedback that has on short term volume and extent numbers. I wonder if it could have had an influence on '13 and '14 low summer melt.


dominik lenné

This is really exciting! Very good decision!


Let me know where I can find you Monday or Tuesday morning.


I will be at Moscone West 3005 this morning Global Climate change and cryospheric systems

Ghoti Of Lod

Clearly the AGU has a long way to go to "convey understanding clearly and accurately, both to decision makers and to the general public" They still refuse to make web streams freely available to the public. All 6 "virtual AGU" streams display:

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I find this particularly rude given that virtually all the AGU funding comes either directly or indirectly from public sources.

The only streams freely available are for press conferences.


Ghoti, I have to agree. Limiting the distribution of information is absolutely at cross purposes of improving communication.

Ghoti Of Lod

On a positive note the restriction meant I watched the press conferences which included topics I'd never have chosen. As a result I learned new and interesting things I'd have missed. Plus there was one on the Greenland melt water situation which was eye-opening to me.


The first video press conference I could find illuminates the work done last summer abord the Polarstern near NE Greenland/Fram Strait.


At app. 13:00 min it gets interesting as Dr Antje Boetius explains the scientific findings. The part 18-20:00 presents some great footage of the underside of the floes. Enjoy!

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